Wednesday, October 21, 2015

December 4, 1971 The Swiss Steak, The Collar & Cuffs, The Peach Pie, The Long Letters and The Cedar Tree

Dear Mother,

"It is almost time to start supper but I'm in no hurry for Bob & Pat are coming tonight and of course they can't leave Chicago until after 4:00. I'm fixing Swiss Steak and that can wait a long time. We had a letter from them this week and I guess they really had a good time at Malcolm's wedding.

We were sorry to miss the wedding but would much rather come home and we couldn't fit it all into the time we had. It was so nice to be home and to have a little more time to see everyone.

Have you worn your coat? I hope you like it for I thought it looked very nice on you. I have plenty of white material to make the collar & cuffs for your navy dress and I'll put it in your Christmas package. It will be several days, though, before we get that off. We must get Ann's mailed soon.

I couldn't find any material for her cape but I was lucky and found a black cape already made. It is trimmed in red braid so I made a red wool dress and hat to go with it. I haven't done much of anything except sew this week but have made headway.

The peach pie was delicious. You had sugared it and it really was good.

B took the certificate back to the bank on Monday so it is in the safety deposit box again.

I was sorry I forgot to show it to Beulah but I guess she wouldn't care.

Did you call the furnace man? You must do that and don't say it pops. Tell him it sounds like an explosion because it does and it isn't right for it to do that.

Buddy and Bessie both looked real good. Buddy has until May to decide whether he wants to retire or not. He isn't sure he wants to. I think he's getting anxious to go back to work from the way he talks but the Dr. hasn't said he could. He's not apt to tell him that until he permits him to do other things. He can go downstairs once a day and he walked out the front door with us to wave good bye. We stayed quite awhile and I think they were glad to see us. They had been looking for us.

We had long letters this week from both Ann and Bob K. He really writes good, newsy letters and we love to get them, of course.

We've had snow on the ground all week and it is cold. I went to Travel Club on Monday but haven't been out much since then except to go to my jewelry class.

I had better stop and get the meat started.

I have the cedar tree in a bucket of water in the garage so it should stay fresh until I'm ready to bring it in.

Hope you are fine."



NOTE: We have only a couple of pictures of my dad, but there he is, on the right with my Uncle Horace, his brother, on the left, at Thanksgiving.  Looks like he was wearing a shirt inspired by my grandmother as the ad suggests!

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