Friday, October 23, 2015

December 18, 1971 The Luncheons, The Details, The Storm, The Tree and The Plans

Dear Mother,

"I'm real slow today. I went back to sleep after B got up and he just had me sleep since the kids weren't up and I didn't wake up until 9:30. So everything is running about two hours behind schedule.

The kids got here about 9:00 last night and we sat up late as we usually do when they are here. Pat has a cold but they are fine and have already got their package from you. They do appreciate the things but think you should not keep sending them gifts. They know how hard it is for you to get things done. B and I got the check today and we'll probably get something special with it. It is much too much but we do thank you. It is a mighty nice Christmas gift.

This has really been a week. I went to three luncheons and a dinner so I felt stuffed all week long. In between, I tried to sew and bake. Next week I want to bake some bread for gifts.

We mailed your package on Monday so you should have it before this letter reaches you. 

I'm sorry about Uncle Francis. Did they ever say what is wrong? I'll try to send him another card. This is not a very happy thought, but if anything happens, be sure and put our names on flowers and I'll send you the money later. Their whole family was so kind to us in our trouble.

I have to write a note to Pat's grandmother, too. She lost her only son this week. He was about my age and had a heart attack. He lived in Richmond, Va., so always came to Williamsburg for Bob's and Pat's school affairs. He was very fond of Bob. The kids don't know any details but they were called about it early Wed. morning. Apparently it had just happened.

We had the same sort of weird storm you had and there were trailers turned over and trees down. Two people were hurt in a trailer but no one was killed. Several windows blew out of big buildings around town and some in one dormitory. Students were told to draw the drapes and stay away from the windows and I guess they did.

Yesterday we had a little snow but the sun is bright today. It is blue cold, though.

We had a nice letter from Ann. She has been making good commissions with the Xmas business and she said companies were sending her presents.

They have a tree and have put candy canes & gingerbread men on it besides the ornaments. Doesn't that sound pretty?  She said she had sent you a package.

We are going to Larsen's for Christmas day but will be wishing we were with some of our own. It was thoughtful of them to ask us and we really couldn't refuse because we didn't have any other plans made.

We hope you are fine and thanks again for the nice check."

           Lots of love,


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