Thursday, October 22, 2015

December 11, 1971 The Beauty Shop, The Christmas Party, The Old Mustang, The Post Office and The Christmas Quilt

Dear Mother,

"I'm sitting in the beauty shop waiting to get a permanent. I meant to get this done early in the week but couldn't get around to calling for an appointment.

Our Quill Club Christmas party it tonight and I'm co-hostess so I've been making cookies all week. I'd rather just do a fancy dessert and have it done with but the hostess wanted to have a tea table and lots of fancy cookies.

It has been pouring rain so this is a messy day but it is warm and spring-like.

Well, I'm under the dryer now so I probably won't be here much longer. This has been a real busy week. B had meetings at school two nights and then worked on Bob's car until late one night. Bob wanted snow tires and some other work done at a garage and couldn't get it done on Saturday, of course, so he took our old Mustang & left his with us. We got the work done early in the week & then B tuned it up and did the usual work on it. He enjoys doing it and it sure saves on garage bills. They wanted the car in good shape before the kids start to Atlanta. We plan to take the car to Bob tomorrow & get ours. While we're in Chicago we'll do a little window shopping just for fun. The stores are always so beautiful this time of the year.

I finally got Ann's package mailed but haven't had time to do any more sewing on Pat's things. I've been to two luncheons and that always kills most of the afternoon.

Everyone seems to have their houses decorated but us. I haven't put out a single thing except a candle Larsens sent us. Maybe I can decorate the tree and get out some other decorations next week.

I'm writing cards now and have done a lot but have a long way to go. We cut a lot of names off our list but everyday we get a lot so I don't know how it will come out.

Your package is all ready to mail and we'll do that the first of the week when we can get to the P.O. There is always a line waiting so I have to go when I have plenty of time. I put the collar and cuff material inside the package along with the pattern pieces and the directions sheet. I can get them from you sometime but I thought it might be a bit hard to figure out how to put them on the dress without directions.

Bob & Pat loved the red quilt. Bob said they would use it every Christmas & I told him it wasn't a Christmas quilt. He insisted it was because it had a red star and green holly leaves and I could see what he meant. I promised to get it quilted one of these days and I will.

I knew you'd get compliments on your coat because it looked so nice on you. Are you getting used to the color? It takes me two or three wears to get used to anything new.

I don't believe I asked Buddy what they are doing Christmas. Did I tell you Larsens have invited us for Christmas dinner? Dick & his wife & baby will be there. That is Larsens' only child and first grandbaby. He was born on Bob's birthday.

Hope you are fine."



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