Thursday, October 8, 2015

August 7, 1971 The Quiet House, The Big Truck, The Little Baby Afghan, The Hot Days and The Demonstration

Dear Mother,

"Everyone is gone so the house is awfully quiet. B is working in the office and Bob & Pat have gone on a sightseeing picnic. They are on their way to New Salem--the old Lincoln village and took a picnic lunch with them.

Bob & Ann got here last night just before 6:00. They had a big truck with their little car up in it. After supper all of us worked at getting their things loaded.

I had most everything already boxed but even then it was almost 11:00 before everything was done. They left this morning about 8:30. They were really tired last night but ready to go this morning. They feel rushed but they'll get things done on time, I'm sure. They are supposed to fly out of N.Y. next Thurs. evening about 8:00 & be in London Friday morning.

I have Ann's room all straightened up but the basement sure needs a lot of work. Of course, we collected boxes for packing & there are lots of wrappings from the wedding gifts.

I went to Book Club Monday but haven't read any this week. I have the knitting all done on that baby afghan but haven't blocked it yet. It isn't very big now so I hope it will block out. If it isn't big enough I'll have to add some fringe or bind it some way to finish it off.

Three families have given us tomatoes & cucumbers this week so we've been doing pretty well. They are still 49¢ a lb. in the store. Bob's don't ripen very fast but they are nice.

He spent two days this week with eye doctors and was lucky enough to see a cornea transplant. It was done on a 12 year old girl, I believe.

Our weather is still cool and beautiful but it is warming up slowly so we'll probably have lots of hot days yet. Our yard is really green & growing.

I'm so sorry about Burdette. Aunt Nora must be terribly upset for I think she depended upon him a lot. Why was he going to Lebanon to the doctor?

Your Social Security check wasn't bad at all but I guess you just wished too hard for it to be more. I hope they get the abstract straightened out so Mr. Henson can buy the land. It will be good to be rid of it and not be worrying about it besides having the money from it.

Patty & I went to a gem cutting demonstration at school one afternoon. It was real interesting. Made me want to get my table fixed up. I don't even have the legs back on yet.

I had better change the washer. The towels really pile up when the kids are all here.

How is your back? You haven't said lately."



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