Wednesday, September 2, 2015

October 25, 1970 The Extra Hour, The Clothes Dryer, The Wedding Invitation, The Halloween Party and The Moneymaking Business

Dear Mother & Daddy,                        Sunday

"It is a beautiful morning and with the change in time we have an extra hour before church. B is cleaning the gutters. They are full of wet leaves. He worked out all afternoon yesterday and it seems that we have tons of leaves. I helped a little bit after I finished ironing.

We spent the morning looking for a clothes dryer. Ours finally gave up and quit. It has been such a good one--older than Ann--so we really got our money's worth. We found a Whirlpool and it will be installed tomorrow. It is a gas dryer. Our house doesn't have 220 electricity and gas is more economical anyway.

We had an invitation to Marjorie's wedding, too, but that is the weekend we start our trip so we just can't go. I'd really like to. We haven't sent a gift yet and I'm just like you about that. I just don't know what to send and especially since I'll have to mail it. I may just get a blanket or place mats or something like that. Extra bedding or linens are always handy.

What's wrong with Daddy's ear? Did he have an earache or hurt it outside some way? I hope it's o.k. by now.

I had a letter from Beulah this week and she told me about Charles Davis. He had sort of a hard life, didn't he, even if he did have a good home. He was never very strong and I guess he didn't get started out right when he was a tiny little boy--probably never had enough to eat.

Ann called us one evening just to talk and tell us she was all right. She'd been so busy she hadn't written. She is awfully good to write.

Bob & Patty will be down next weekend. Her room was planning a Halloween party so that will be fun. We are anxious for them to come so we can hear more about Bob's work. He writes occasionally but doesn't tell much.

It seems that I've done a lot of running around this week. One day a group of us went to El Paso to see some demonstrations of table decorations and things like that.

The woman has a shop in her basement and it is full of Christmas decorations now. She sells the kits & things to make everything and I think she must have a moneymaking business. I bought a few things for fall decorations for the table but no Christmas stuff. I'm not ready for that yet.

I want to write to Ann so I'd better get at it. Hope you both are fine.

(The violets are blooming in our back yard.)"




  1. Seems odd seeing things about Christmas but the weather outside is definitely autumnal and it wont be long until "the adverts!" start to creep onto our TV's!

  2. Yes, Christmas candy will be in the stores the day after Halloween!


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