Friday, September 4, 2015

November 7, 1970 The T-giving Dinner, The Summer Classes, The Extreme South and Too Many Things

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The week has flown by but I'm still not quite ready to start our trip. I've been on the go all week so have a lot to do today. There are things going on today but I'm going to cancel out.

We won't be back until Tuesday before T-giving so I want to get the house all cleaned before we leave for I sure won't have time to clean and cook T-giving dinner after we come home. Pat's mother is planning to come for Thanksgiving and may stay for a while afterwards. The kids think she will want (or should) stay here since they both will be gone all day and she'd be alone. That's fine with me and I wrote her that but don't know what she'll want to do.

The children have just the long weekend and all of them will be leaving on Sunday afternoon. I don't think Bob K. will be coming. He'll probably just go to his home for the day. Maybe I told you that his grandmother's estate was settled this fall and the money will help him through school. Ann is talking about a June wedding but we haven't made any definite plans yet. Maybe we'll start that at Christmas time.

Ann called one evening to clear a date with us for her senior organ recital. It will be in March but she had to get it on the master calendar. Her mid-term grades were just wonderful. She was so thrilled and said it was so much easier this year. She thinks it seems easier after working so hard here all summer. During the summer classes meet every day so they get in the same amount of time they do in a regular semester. Of course, it is hard because there is never any rest all summer.

I'm sending you a map that I've tried to mark so you can follow our trip. I've circled Fulton, where we start, and Normal, which is the end, of course. You have to follow both sides. It isn't exact but will tell you about where we'll be. We've never been across the extreme south so that will be interesting. Maybe my lines got into Mexico, but we'll be only in the U.S.

I would really like to go to Marjorie's wedding and hope you get to go. It seems there are always too many things for us to do at the same time.

Hope you both are fine. We'll try to send cards along the way but it will probably be several days before you get the first one."

                  Lots of love,


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