Friday, September 25, 2015

March 6, 1971 The Avocado Tablecloth, The Committee Meeting, The Book Club, The Rolling Pin and The Pink Pantsuit

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"First, I want to thank you for the crisp $5 bill. It is spent already but I put it with some money B's mom sent me and bought an avocado lace tablecloth. I have only one white cloth that fits my table when it is open all the way so I am thrilled with the new one. It is supposed to be drip dry and is very pretty.

I had a real nice birthday. B had to go back to Chicago that day on school business but I was busy all day anyway. We had book club that morning and a friend took me & several others downtown for lunch. Then at 4:00 I had to go to a Faculty Women's committee meeting.

I entertained As You Like It on Thursday and we had a beautiful, sunny day. The weather had been terrible so I didn't get the windows washed except inside. That didn't help but I really didn't care. Things like that don't bother me much. We all had a good time. This is a book review club--a real old club and I've been in it a long time.

If I can remember it, I'll bring you my copy of The White Nile and you can take your time about reading it. I don't have The Blue Nile.

Ann will be happy about the rolling pin. Does she know he's making it? She wanted to come home this weekend but then found out she has a big test Monday so had to stay and study for that.

It is a music class and she has to listen to a lot of their records so couldn't do that at home. The weather turned bad so I'm glad she didn't come. It is snowing and has been all day.

After B's meeting was over last Sat. we went out and got Bob & Patty. It was terribly cold & windy but we went to an azalea show and rode around some parts of Chicago where we had never been. We stayed all night with them and came home Sunday afternoon.

B has gone to the barber shop and when he gets back we are going down to Normal to see if the jeweler can put my diamond back in the old mounting. It looks all right to me but I can't do anything with the prongs. Every time I try, the stone goes in crooked and I'm afraid I'd ruin the mounting. If the mounting is worn too much we'll just put it away and have it fixed some day.

The beautiful birthday card is still standing on the piano with my other cards. I got so many I stood them all over the top of the piano. They are so nice I'm going to leave them awhile to enjoy.

I'm glad you kept the rug. Beulah said it looked real pretty and the bedspread looked real nice with it. I always wanted a red rug but never had the right place for one.

I cut Ann a pink pantsuit this morning. No telling when I'll get to sew on it but I try to cut out several things at once & then it seems easier to find time to work on them. I haven't made a thing since Christmas.

Well, I must stop & comb my hair. B will be back & I won't be ready."

                Lots of love,


NOTE: Grandad made the rolling pin from one solid piece of walnut that came from the tree in the woods behind his workshop. It is the last thing he was able to make for me, and it is a favorite treasure.


  1. That is a beautifully worked piece of walnut. Your grandfather was a superb craftsman.

    Continuing to use your blog as a sort of index. In March of '71, I was stationed at Offutt AFB near Omaha. Cold and lots of snow, but not a bad assignment.

  2. I think that piece of walnut is beautiful, too! Our granddad loved being in his shop and making things.

    Omaha now is a great city, lots of fun and a great zoo, restaurants, etc. Used to be a big railroad town along with Council Bluffs (Union Pacific). The UP museum is fabulous and their headquarters building has a great place to eat.

    Thanks for your comments, as always, much appreciated!

  3. Oh Ann, I am so tardy with reading these wonderful posts of yours and I truly don't know why except that I get busy and put enjoyment off till later.
    Your right, the rolling pin is wonderful, and more beautiful than I had envisioned. Thank you so much for directing me here.

    How did you do on your test by the way? :)

    1. I am so tardy in responding to your nice comments! That rolling pin is busy making Christmas cookies! And I suppose I did fine on the test, if it was true that I spent the weekend studying instead of going home:-) Thanks so much for writing.


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