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March 27, 1971 The Quick Note, The Summer Job, The Recital, The Plant Stand and A Couple of Dresses

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Just a quick note so I can mail it as we leave town in the morning. B has to be in his meeting by 8:45 so it means we get up at 5:00. I will spend the day loafing and we'll meet Bob & Pat at 5:00 after B's meeting has finished for the day. He has more on Sunday but I'll just stay at Bob's or go somewhere with them. I don't really have any shopping to do except I want to get Ann a couple of goblets to start. That won't take long because I know where I can find them.

Bob called last night to tell us he has the summer job in Brokaw Hospital here in Normal. He had a letter so that means they will live with us this summer and Pat will go to ISU. I think the job is for 10 weeks. Bob was thrilled about it.

We really enjoyed last weekend. It was good to see everyone and we were happy about Ann's recital.

We stayed only a few minutes with Ann & Bob afterwards. His mother wanted to get home before dark so we all left. Ann was real happy but tired. She was glad it was all over.

I put the plant stand in the corner by the organ with a vase of pussy willows on it and it looks real nice. The mahogany finish is fine.

I made myself a couple of dresses this week and went to a luncheon. It was a birthday for 3 of us who have March birthdays but I didn't know it was going to be. I said that the more birthdays I have the better they get. This one has gone on & on.

I must stop & get to bed. Tomorrow will be a long day."

        Much love,


NOTE:  This was a complicated week. My grandad was not well and couldn't come to the recital, but the grandmothers and aunts could, so that was very nice. We did have a good time and I was very relieved to have gotten through the last big event of my senior year.

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