Saturday, September 26, 2015

March 13, 1971 The Spark Plugs, The Prospective Students, The Big Snow and The Meat Loaf

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The house is so quiet I'll try to get my letter written. Patty & Bob are here this weekend but she is grading papers and B & Bob have gone to look for spark plugs or something that was on sale.

All of us are fine. Bob has applied for summer work at Brokaw Hospital here in Normal and we think he'll get it. If so, Patty will go to ISU and they'll just close up their apartment & stay with us.

Ann called last night to tell us she was going to Chicago today with one of the Deans. They are meeting some prospective students and she wanted us to know where she would be if we called while she is gone. I don't know how long they will be there and didn't even think to ask.

We are planning to be in Richland sometime next Saturday afternoon & stay all night. We'll come to Fulton & have lunch with Ann so it may be late in the afternoon. We'll have to leave again Sunday but a little visit there is better than none. I want to go see Uncle Floyd even for a few minutes.

The weather has been really mixed up this week. Thursday morning we got up to a big snow but it didn't last long. Today is mild but cloudy. Bob played some golf in the back yard this morning but I think it was a bit muddy.

We go to a potluck tonight. I'm fixing a meat loaf for the kids & they'll fix the rest. We'd rather stay home with them but had already promised about the other. They don't care for they both have school work to do.

I want to get this mailed so we'll see you next Saturday."



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