Thursday, September 17, 2015

January 9, 1971 The Terribly Cold Day, The Terribly Dirty House, The Arthritis, The Permanent and The Wedding

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is a beautiful day but still terribly cold. B even wears a cap with ear flaps so you know it must be cold.

I have been trying to get the house in order again since Ann left but everything is terribly dirty. I told B I wish I could stay home the rest of the winter and finish up a lot of things. The cabinets really need cleaning as well as other things.

As soon as one more batt comes from Sears I'll have three quilts ready for quilting. I had decided to fix two and then Penney's had a sheet sale so I got one for a quilt back real cheap. So I'm having the basket, the blue, gold & pink, and the embroidered one done when she gets to me. That leaves the lavender one & that bright red one to do. Yes, I saw a quilt she had finished. It looked so neat. She is about 80 but she certainly doesn't look it nor talk it and doesn't even wear glasses.

I'm glad Daddy's arthritis is better but watch those burns. You'd better leave off the liniment and rubbing even when he thinks he needs it. Just give him another aspirin.

I've had a cold or sinus infection but it is much better. I don't know how long it has been since I've had a cold. I didn't feel too bad but my nose ran a stream.

I got a permanent Thursday afternoon and will be glad when I can wash it. I just hate a new permanent.

Ann probably told you that she and Bob are planning to be married on June 5. We have talked so long about the plans for the wedding but the kids decided they didn't want any of the fuss. We'll just go to the church and the minister will marry them and that will be all--like Jerry and Jeannette except we hope Bob's mother can come. I know a lot of people in town will be surprised when we don't have a huge wedding with all the frills but this is what Ann & Bob want so this is what it is going to be. Ann was going to have 5 bridesmaids but she called and told them she had changed her mind and they all thought it was great.

It will be a lot easier on all of us. Both Bob & Ann will have to work hard next semester and I think all the planning needed for a big wedding was just a little too much to have to think about. They both seemed so happy and relaxed after they made up their minds. They will have only a few days after the wedding before Bob's summer school begins but will have 3 weeks after summer school so they hope to take a trip then.

I must stop and get some lunch. Hope you both are fine."



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