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January 30, 1971 The Wonderful Things, The Interesting Patients, The Letters and the Colds

January 30, 1971     Saturday

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I feel a little stronger today but still can't do anything. I have finished the antibiotics so should begin to pick up a little energy. They are wonderful things but take a lot out of you.

Bob & Patty came last night so she is doing the cooking and cleaning up. B was sure glad to see them. They are fine. Bob says he has some real interesting heart patients. His work is in Cook County Hospital now where they get all kinds. He will work on the heart until mid-spring--says there is one murmur that he simply cannot hear but the older students can't hear it either. So he's still trying.

Patty tutored a high school boy one evening in algebra. He had to pass a test and did after she worked with him. The parents gave her $25. and said they'd bring him back from time to time. She said he just hadn't been doing his work like he should. He goes to New Trier HS and kids there can't fool around.

I had letters from Bessie & Rosalynn this morning. It's going to take awhile to answer all the letters, cards & flowers I've had. I'm so sorry Uncle Floyd & Aunt Nora are having such a time. Tell them I think about them a lot.

I hope both of you are fine. Stay away from anyone with colds. I know it gets hard to stay in for a long time but it's better than catching some of these awful bugs."



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