Saturday, September 19, 2015

January 23, 1971 The Bad Month, The Cross-stitch Quilt, The 100º Fever, The Right Antibiotic and The Sick People

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The sun is out and it is a real pretty day. It has been rather mild the last two days but it did snow a tiny bit yesterday. We have been pretty lucky this winter about the weather. February is usually our bad month and it will be here before we know it.

Bob & Pat plan to come down next weekend. Monday is a holiday for both of them. Patty's school is not in the Chicago system so was not on strike. We haven't heard from them this week. Bob has a dental appointment while he's in Normal. The dentist found a cavity that needs filling. He's never had many of them and I don't think Ann has ever had one.

Which cross-stitch quilt are you putting together? I just can't remember what kind you've been working on.

I'm glad Daddy's back is getting better. He may have pulled a muscle when he didn't even realize it. That takes a long time to heal.

I'm still fighting this bug but about to get it licked. The doctor came to the house to see me Monday night and said my sinuses were infected. He started me on antibiotics and medicine to control the headache. I've never had such a headache. We thought everything would be fine but the antibiotic didn't work. My fever had been around 100º for more than a week so I was pretty limp. When the doctor realized the antibiotic wouldn't work he wanted me in the hospital so here I am. I felt pretty bad when I got here but am beginning to feel like myself again. The doctor was here a few minutes ago and said the x-rays of my head showed just a little trouble. My fever is gone so we're using the right antibiotic. I slept all night last night and have my appetite back. I don't know how much longer I'll have to be here but I'm not going home until we are sure the infection is gone. I couldn't do anything but sit around and here they take care of me so B isn't worrying all of the time.

B called me a while ago and said Bob had phoned. They are fine and were going to spend the day in the library on their genealogy. Ann is back at work again. Her schedule doesn't seem too hard this time. The church asked her to keep her choir next fall and she said she would. She was hoping they'd ask her.

Hope you both are fine. Stay away from the sick people and take care of yourselves."



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