Monday, September 21, 2015

February 6, 1971 The Moon Exploration, The Howling Wind, The Deep Tones and The Pillsbury Bake-Off

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm watching the astronauts and it is going so slow I thought I might as well write some letters. I'm not too much in favor of all of this moon exploration but it certainly is exciting when the space ship takes off & when the men step on the moon. I'm glad Shepherd got to go this time & I do hope they get back safely.

I'm getting a little more pep day by day but it is slow. I watch a lot of T.V. and read a lot. B still helps me a lot with everything and we just don't worry about the house. We keep it neat & that's about it. I did iron quite a little yesterday & will do some more today.

It has been terribly cold but yesterday warmed up & it poured rain all day. Then the wind started to howl & it roared all night. It has calmed down some but it is real cold again & we're supposed to have snow. We really haven't had much snow.

You did show me the rose quilt when we were there but I had forgotten it. What colors are you going to use for the blocks Ann gave you? One of my friends made one with black thread. I've only seen the picture of it but it was sure pretty & she uses hers for a bedspread. They are all pretty but I think the deep tones are prettier than the pale ones. I love the red one you gave me & I liked the orange one & that dark green one. I don't remember who you gave them to but they were real pretty.

I'm sure Ann would like the sack dish towels. She has some but I can't remember how many. We looked thru all the things she's accumulated when she was home Christmas. She really has quite a few things but not enough of any one thing. Someone told her she wouldn't get many wedding presents if she didn't have a big wedding and she said she didn't care and she wasn't getting married to get presents.

B has been here for lunch & I'm back watching the moon shots. I've done a basket of ironing but still have quite a bit.

Did I tell you one of my friends was to be in the Pillsbury Bake-off? She & her husband leave for Hawaii tomorrow. The bake-off won't be on T.V. because of the Apollo but I wish it was. She doesn't expect to win but she said the trip was prize enough. I telephoned her to wish her luck but we didn't get to talk long because she had company come, but she already won $100. &  new electric stove. I don't know whether she had any other prizes or not.

B is just fine. I didn't have anything he could catch. I didn't even have a cold or sore throat. Hope both of you are fine. Stay in, out of the cold."




  1. "Someone told her she wouldn't get many wedding presents if she didn't have a big wedding" Seriously?

    "...she said she didn't care and she wasn't getting married to get presents" Good for you!

    We had something like thirty people (plus the preacher's dog) at our wedding and the reception at Emilia's parents' house. Towels, tablecloth, candlesticks but the important part seemed to work out just fine.

  2. We had 11 in attendance, had no interest in the pre-game show, and it was great! You're invited to the wedding, it's Oct. 1 real time:-)

    1. I'm honored by your invitation and will be pleased to be there!
      Umm, the venue is at Haddock and Dill, correct?


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