Thursday, September 24, 2015

February 27, 1971 The Last Meeting, The Auto Show, The Slack Time, The New Band and The Widows

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B has gone to his last meeting and when it is over we will go to Bob & Pat's. They have come down two evenings to eat with us and last night we went to the auto show.

There were some beautiful cars and some antique ones besides some that were made just for show. There was one red sports car that didn't have any doors. The glass dome opened up someway but we didn't see it done.

The weather has been warm since we came but it poured rain for awhile last night.
I browsed around in the stores Thursday afternoon and most of yesterday but met B for lunch every day. None of my friends came so I've been browsing by myself. I didn't find much of anything that I even wanted to buy. It must be a slack time in the stores although the windows are full of spring clothes.

B bought me a new wedding band for my birthday and anniversary combined. It has diamonds in it and is really beautiful. I don't know whether I told you that my diamond came out of the mounting while I was sick. I found it though, and when we got to looking at it and my wedding ring they were both pretty worn. So B suggested we get new ones for our anniversary. I just wanted the band though, and it's pretty fancy.

I have to entertain As You Like It Club next Thursday and have no idea how many I'll have. So many of them go to Arizona or Florida during the cold months and they never know when they'll be back. Some have trailers they live in. They are retired people or widows.

Last week I tried a gelatin dessert with cream cheese in it, and strawberries on it so I guess I'll serve that. I have strawberries in the freezer that I ought to use up. My house won't be very clean but I hope I get the front window washed. It is really bad but you can't keep it clean if you washed it everyday. There is just too much traffic on our street so we get lots of dirt.

I hope we have a letter from you when we get home and that everyone is all right. We are fine."

                      Lots of love,


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