Tuesday, September 22, 2015

February 13, 1971 The Postponed Potluck, The Speech, The Family Records, The Interesting Book and The Quilting Lady

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I just finished cleaning the bathroom so will rest a bit while I write some letters.

I still have several to answer but am finally beginning to feel normal again so should catch up soon. The potluck group is coming tomorrow night so things are falling into place again. They were supposed to come here a month ago but that was the first week I was sick & we postponed it.

B has gone to the office. They are still working at getting the new semester going and he's writing a speech he has to give to College Alumni Club next Friday night. It has something to do with freedom in teaching, I think.

Bob called last night. He was afraid we'd be looking for them and they plan to come next weekend. Did I tell you he had written to Royal Belshe about some family records? Royal had answered and helped fill in some blanks that had been puzzling Bob. His file is growing and growing and he still seems as excited about it as he was in the beginning. Patty likes it too & they were going to the library again today. I would get bored with all the detail & having to hunt so hard for one little bit of information.

I finally got back to my jewelry class Thursday night but didn't get very much done because I was doing some soldering and that is still very hard to do. The pieces are always so tiny they slip and slide or the solder falls off. It takes a lot of time & patience but I still enjoy it. I'm working on a ring to take to Ann when she plays her organ recital in March. It is a birthstone and I'm putting it in a gold mounting. She has always wanted one and doesn't know I'm doing this. I bought the stone already cut last summer at a rock show and never told her about it. Gold is supposed to be easier to work with than silver but I don't think so. Maybe I'm just afraid I'll ruin it & the gold is so much more expensive than silver. I'd be sick if I did. If you work it too much it will break or crack. I still haven't cut any stones from the rocks I got on our trip. There is only one saw for the class and there are men in this class that seem to want to use the saw all the time. I always have more to do during a class time than I have time for so I don't really care. Maybe one of these days I'll have a saw of my own.

If you want to read an interesting book ask the library to get you Lady Bird's White House Diary. It is really interesting but long. I'm about half thru and if you can't get it maybe you can read mine this summer.

The quilting lady hasn't called me yet so she still isn't ready for mine but I have three ready to take to her. She told me it might be mid-summer because she had several on a list ahead of me and she has to rest pretty often so her shoulders won't ache. I told her anytime was fine with me just so I get them done.

Did Aunt Nora see the doctor? Her problem may just be nerves and I can see how it could be. It probably is just as well the doctors didn't give Uncle Floyd a treatment. If they have been giving him x-rays he'll probably feel better without them. Everyone says they make you feel so terrible. I hope he gets to feeling better.

It keeps trying to snow but is supposed to warm up tomorrow. I hope so but B went off with his ear flaps down so it is cold.

Hope you both are fine."



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