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December 5, 1970 The Full Calendar, The Christmas Baking, The Campus Conference, The New T.V. and The Fog

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"After a few summer days we have winter again. It has been in the 60's and 70's this week so I tried to do some Christmas shopping but it is hard to do when you don't know what to look for. I did get material to make Pat & Ann each a pants suit. Now, if I can only get them made. The calendar looks pretty full next week but I'll worm them in somewhere.

I have done a little Christmas baking this week. B said it all smelled so good he didn't know whether he could stand the Christmas season or not. I haven't started on my cards yet but we've had some so I'll have to start soon.

The telephone has been quiet all week because everyone thought Pat's mother was still here. I guess she left Chicago Wednesday.

We are going to see Bob & Pat tomorrow and stay overnight with them. We haven't seen their apartment since they got it straightened up. There just hasn't been any time and when they were here last week they begged us to come. This was the only time before Xmas.

There is a conference on campus tomorrow but B will not go. He is at a reception for the speakers now.

I didn't know or even think about Aunt Cliffie not having a T.V. She will really enjoy it and it will be company for her. I imagine winter evenings would be pretty long. It gets dark so early.

We haven't heard from Ann since she called Sunday night to tell us they were safely back at school. She always calls to tell us when she gets there. She had a Bloomington girl with her and they picked up another girl at Lambert in St. Louis. The girl had flown home but I don't even remember where. Anyway, they ran into fog just outside St. Louis & had to creep all the way to Fulton. It was 11:15 when she called & I guess she was worn out but glad to be there. She insisted I call the other girls' mother & I hated to that late but she was waiting. Ann had promised her I would call. Ann will be thru with this semester when she comes home Dec. 14. It will be nice for her not to have exams to worry about during vacation.

I started cutting some of my rocks from my trip last night. There weren't many at class so I just used the saw all evening. That is very slow and very messy work. The saw blade runs through oil to keep it cool and I'm always spattered all over.

I thought both of you looked so good when we were home. I hope you stay that way."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE: Mom cut and finished many interesting stones, some of which were not used in jewelry and are pictured here.

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