Tuesday, September 15, 2015

December 26, 1970 The Ham, The Wonderful Christmas, The Big Laugh, The Pile of Boxes and The Cold

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"You sounded so good yesterday, Mother, & I do hope Daddy's back is better today. I think we are all a little tired from all of the excitement and staying up late. Ann is still asleep but the rest of us got up at 6:00 so Bob & Pat could get an early start to Atlanta. It will take them about 13 hours and I hated to see them go. It should be nice when they get there and I hope it will be warm and sunny.

Bob called Ann Christmas Eve but I think she was sort of lonesome anyway. He'll be here New Year's Eve and they will probably be with some of Ann's friends.

I fixed ham for Christmas dinner and B thought it was much better than turkey. Ann didn't want turkey and we really didn't expect Bob & Pat to be here for Christmas dinner and we had her decide what to have. It was a good dinner and we had a wonderful Christmas.

Everyone wanted clothes of some kind so that's what most of our Christmas was. The things you sent were all very nice and everyone was happy. Bob & Pat liked the little stool Daddy made. I had saved it for their Christmas. Both of the girls are glad he's making the plant stands. They are really nice. I have mine in the dining room window now with a Christmas cactus on it. I'm trying to get the thing to bloom but I don't have any luck.

We all got a big laugh out of the boy warming his feet in the skillet. It almost sounds like Bob. He's always doing something or working at something. I guess he takes after Daddy.

He says the study of the heart is real hard and he'll spend more time on it than the lungs.

Our house is sure a mess. The Christmas decorations look dowdy and there is a big pile of boxes in the kitchen. I guess I'll leave the tree up a few days though.

It is terribly cold and is supposed to snow again today. The sun was bright all day yesterday but stayed so cold that none of the snow melted so everything is still white.

B is getting ready to go out and I want him to mail this so I'll stop. Hope you both are fine today."

                             Lots of love,


Merry Christmas, Readers! Hope to see you back for 1971!


  1. Tough video to watch, but I'm glad someone made it and thank you for sharing. I read some garbage that RAND put out this morning about sending beaucoup US ground troops to fight ISIS, 'cause we'll get it right this time, 'cause we learned lessons in Vietnam.
    No, we didn't learn and no, we won't prevail in Syria.
    But I don't understand why you didn't want turkey for Christmas dinner. Turkey is the foundation of the ambrosia known as the Kentucky Hot Brown: http://www.brownhotel.com/dining-hot-brown

  2. We may have learned some lessons, but the lessons don't always guide us in doing the right or best thing. Sad but true.

    I have no idea why I didn't want turkey, other than maybe we still had leftovers from Thanksgiving! I know about Kentucky Hot Brown, and recently stayed in the Brown:-)

    Merry Christmas with many thanks for reading and writing!


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