Monday, September 14, 2015

December 13, 1970 The Xmas Party, The Railroad Strike, The Neighbors, The Candy Wrappers and The Stuff

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is almost time for me to go to Quill Club but I'll start this anyway. It is their Xmas party & it is always nice but I wish I could stay home. I'm so far behind with everything.

Your package arrived in fine shape so we didn't even open it. We got your packages mailed today. There are two and they are both insured. We were a little worried about the railroad strike but I guess everything is o.k. now. We've been sending out a few cards at a time as I get them done but a lot of Xmas letters are going to be late, I'm afraid.

Ann will be home Monday night and then Bob & Pat will be here a week from tonight. I've been sewing when I can. I want to make both girls a pants suit. Ann's is almost done and Pat's is pinned together ready to sew.

There have been so many Xmas coffees & such that all week has been a race.

This is Sat. night & we're about ready to leave for a dinner. We have shopped all day so I still haven't finished this. The children wanted clothes and Bob is so hard to fit in shirts & sweaters. He wanted a gray sweater and we had to search & search. We got a real pretty one and just hope that the sleeves are long enough. There is one brand that fits but we couldn't find the grey one in it.

Ann will be happy with something for her hope chest. That's about all she talks about when she's home.

Here it's Sunday morning. I've scribbled so fast I don't know whether you can read this or not.

Our yard is a mess too. It was so neat and clean when we left for our trip. Then B cleaned it up again and now it is a mess again. The neighbors don't take very good care of their yards & everything blows over here. We get lots of paper & stuff dropped in our yard, too. I don't know why people just drop candy wrappers and anything anywhere.

I feel so sorry for Uncle Floyd and Aunt Nora. It must be pretty hard to live with that worry all the time.

It's almost church time so I'll get this on its way. Hope you both are fine."



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