Monday, September 28, 2015

April 4, 1971 The Birthday Package, The Plaid Stamps, The Plain Double Knit, The Long Time and The Nice Weather

Dear Mother & Daddy,             Saturday

"You may already have your birthday package, Mother, but I didn't want it to be late and we can't mail anything at the P.O. on Saturday. They started closing sometime ago and it is the craziest thing because this is a very busy P.O.  Anyway, I hope you have a happy birthday and like the present.

I didn't get very far with my letter. Today is Sunday. B came home from the office and we went to Peoria to cash in some plaid stamp books we had collected. No one gives them here or in Peoria so we thought we'd better use them while we could. The store was out of lots of things but we got a stainless steel canister set and a hammer. A & P always gave plaid stamps but they quit and their prices haven't been lowered a bit. I like to shop there but have been going where I can get the most for my money. We also ordered me some bifocal sunglasses. When we travel I'm always having to change glasses so I can read the map so I'm going to try these & then I'll know if I can wear bifocals, too. I can't read anything anymore without my glasses but can't see anything distant with them.

I've wondered about Uncle Floyd all week. When I saw him, I knew he could stay home much longer. Do they have him in an oxygen tent and tube feeding him? I hope not. That only prolongs the agony. It is too bad that someone doesn't build a rooming house or little motel near that hospital.

I'm still sewing on my dresses. I made Ann a white one for her baccalaureate but she doesn't know it and I'll hem it after she gets home. I made a light blue plain double knit & a peach-white print double knit for myself. Lots of people are gone and school is out for vacation so I haven't been having to run around or answer the phone. I can get things done when I don't have to stop a dozen times.

Ann is planning to come to Richland Tuesday or Wednesday after her tests are over and be there until Sunday. Then she will drive back to Jeff. City for church. She was going to call Rosalynn so you can talk to her. Bob & Pat plan to come too around the 17th or 18th for a few days. We had hoped to come with them for a day or two but can't because Ann will be here and there are things we'll want to do for her.

This letter is taking a long time. I had to stop and get ready for church so now we have been there and had dinner. It is chilly today but B is picking up the yard anyway and wants to spread some fertilizer. Surely it will be warm soon.

One of these days I hope to get in the mood and have the time to start painting the kitchen. That probably won't be for awhile, though. I have had the paint since last fall and it is just like the rest of the walls--that light green.

I'm sure Ann will be happy to take you places if you ask her while she's there. I hope you both are fine and that you are having real nice weather."



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