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April 10, 1971 The Rotted Out Screens, The Party, The Fishing, The Old Bible and The Golf Lessons

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It was Saturday all day yesterday for me. Bob & Pat came about noon and I guess that is why I was so mixed up. B was home too, since it was Good Friday. He worked in the yard all day and is out again now. He's washing part of the house and getting some of the screens in. Some of them have to be replaced. They are just rotted out.

I guess Ann's party will be today and I really wish I could be there. Bob was disappointed that she was not home when they got here. They just don't get to see one another very often any more.

Bob & Pat have gone fishing today. They bought their license yesterday and got out all of his old fishing tackle. I hope they catch something but I hope they throw it back. I always did hate to cook fish.

They plan to get to Richland sometime in the afternoon next Sunday. It is too far to drive from Chicago in one day so they will come here Saturday night. That way they will get to see Ann a little, too. He mentioned something about stopping at Buddy's to copy something from the old Bible, I think, but I'm not sure they will. They also talk about going to Ullman to see about some Thompson records.

I was so glad to have your letter this week. It was later than usual so it made me wonder about Uncle Floyd. If he is still able to eat and recognize people he could live a long time. Does Aunt Nora stay over there at night? Surely not. She will wear herself completely out and she really can't do anything for him that the nurses could and would do. The nurses in that hospital were wonderful when Daddy was there and they probably still are.

I'm glad you liked the quilt. I got the rusty shades of thread because I thought it would be a change from the pinks you've been using and might be more interesting to do. There should be enough thread to do the whole quilt as the directions say but if you should run out of a color save the number and send it to me so we can match it.

Thanks for sending the clipping about Dr. Meyer. We know them but I haven't seen them for a long time. She used to write stories. B talks to him once in a while about school business and we had heard from someone at a meeting that he would probably be named president of SMU but that was a long time ago. I guess the board decided to take a little more time and look around.

I'm going to try to play golf again this year. Lessons begin Monday night for the faculty women so I guess I'll go. I think I need the exercise and I do enjoy it. The women who play are a different group too from those I usually see and I enjoy them.

The town is terribly quiet with the students all gone but it will be humming again next week.

Hope you both are fine."                                                                      



NOTE:  The "party" mentioned was a family bridal shower in Richland. I remember well the hand made gifts of 2 quilts, tea towels, embroidered throw pillows and cross-stitched pillow cases and sheets. I recently unearthed the pink dress I wore. It had been put in Mom's cedar chest where it's been for 40 years and I have no idea why it was saved, or which of us saved it.


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