Thursday, August 27, 2015

September 6, 1970 The Nice Boxes, The Elm Grove Cemetery, The Scrubbed Apartment, The Promised Wedding and The Dessert

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It was just like Christmas when Bob & Pat got back from Richland. The boxes are really nice and I wish you could see them now. I lined them with red velvet and then put my jewelry in mine. Ann really likes hers, too, but put her stainless flatware in it. She got home about 8:00 last night and loved the beautiful towel set. It went right into the hope chest. She was also happy to get the aprons. I think she just had one. I was happy to get a new apron, too, and have been wearing it. The red and white quilt is just beautiful. I just wish I could find time to start some of the quilting. I have an address of a woman in Bloomington who quilts but I never did check on the address to see where it is and I don't know anything about her.

Bob and Pat had such a good time with all of you but weren't ready to come home. They still wanted to go see Aunt Nora and wanted to go to the Elm Grove cemetery. Aren't they a sight about this family history? They keep digging and keep adding names and dates. We didn't have time to go thru all the old pictures and letters but want to before they take them. They pulled out a few of the pictures they especially wanted us to see and they brought things from Belshes. They came back yesterday afternoon and will stay until Monday.

Pat had a school meeting Thurs. and liked things about the school. Her room will be in a new section and things weren't finished so classes won't really begin until next week. Bob's first day is Sept. 24th so he still had time to work around the apartment. When they went back after being in Richland the apartment was all scrubbed and clean. The painters came back and finished all the painting yesterday so now they can really settle down. They have everything straight and put away but have to get some filing cabinets for their desk and a rug for the living room. They bought an unpainted chest of drawers and Bob will paint that next week.

Ann has to be in Mason City at 6:30 today for the wedding rehearsal and then a dinner. I hate for her to drive back alone but Bob K. had meetings at M.U. today and couldn't come with her. The wedding is at 4:00 tomorrow so she won't stay for the reception. She should be able to start back to Fulton at 5:00 and that's not bad. She should have just said "no" to this wedding but had promised so long ago she couldn't back out.

We're going to Watterson's for dessert tonight. It's been a long time since we've all been together. We seldom see her kids. All of them are in ISU and Lynn will be thru in January. She will teach deaf children.

Hope you both are fine."

                Lots of love,


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