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September 27, 1970 The Fabulous Experience, The Topsy-Turvy House, The Interrupted Work, The Slow Sewing and The Long Letter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Bob got the scholarship. He called us Thursday night at supper time & was real excited about it. They had told him that afternoon. There are 20 out of the 35 who tried for it that were accepted as James Scholars. He said the three days of interviews were the most intensive and fabulous experience he ever had. He went home with doctors two evenings for dinner and said that was fun. They talked about their experiences as medical students.

This next week Bob is to talk with a long list of doctors who are advisors to the scholars and he then will choose the one he wants to be his advisor. Then he and the advisor will plan his course of study. He can do anything he wants to do and actually doesn't have to go to class. But he must be able to pass the Medical Board examination at the end of two or four years. He says he is going to go to the classes with regular students for awhile anyway & then I suppose he'll skip those where he already knows the material that is being taught.

The professors told the kids that this was the most experimental and newest program in the country so they are banking a lot on these 20.

Those kids will probably knock themselves out working to make the program a success. Bob expects, I think, to get into regular hospital work real early. Doctors are needed so badly & the schools are beginning to see how much time they waste in the training.

Our house is sure topsy-turvy. We've been working in the dining room today so have all the furniture out of it. I finished taking the old paper off & B has painted the ceiling. The woodwork in there was painted last year but I'm going to touch it up before I put on the new paper. I guess I'll start it Monday morning.

I went to the As You Like It luncheon on Thursday & to a tea for retired faculty Friday afternoon so my work was interrupted.

Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day but it has been raining and cold all day today.

My sewing is coming along slowly. I have a dress almost done. We finally took time today to mark the hem & maybe I can put it in tonight.  B still measures them for me with the yardstick.

We haven't heard from Ann since early in the week but it was a long letter and she probably hasn't had any time since. The Job Corps Director from Columbia had been to talk with her about doing some tutoring in Mexico, Missouri. He found out about the summer work she did for the church and came to see her. He works with some of the same families she did and she was pretty upset about a little boy being hurt. She's going to see him when she goes to Jeff. City on Sunday.

Hope you both are fine. I still haven't answered Beulah's letter and she will soon have a birthday. They sure roll around fast."

                  Lots of love,


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