Monday, August 10, 2015

May 24, 1970 The Regular Session, The Two Letters, The Rhubarb Pie, The Burnings and The Smashings

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I sat down to write this last night but Ann talked so much I never did get it started. She's fun to have around and seems happy to be home.

We have washed all week but have about got all her stuff cleaned up. She's been sleeping late and getting rested because she will have to start summer school soon after we get back from Williamsburg. I think I told you she is taking a week of Camp Leadership Training before the regular session begins & then maybe another one at the end. She wants the hours.

It was nice to have two letters from you this week. I thought maybe Beulah would write & tell me about Jerry's plans but I guess she hasn't had time. I'm not going to think of a gift for them until we have more time so be sure & tell me about the things they get or need.

We plan to leave here Wed. noon (27th) and be back the following Wed. night. Bob will graduate on Sunday. We plan to drive into Ohio that first night and stay in Lancaster, Penn. Thursday night. That is in the Penn. Dutch country and we've never seen any of it.  There are some museums and old buildings we want to see. These places are where the Amish people live. We'll get to Williamsburg sometime Friday and stay at the Holiday Inn there. Bob's phone is 703 229-0173. Our car is an Electra, medium green, dark green top, license no. FB4020 in case you need us.

Bob is thru with his work except for teaching in the high school where Pat teaches. I hope he gets to teach at least once so he'll get a taste of it. I guess it would be math or science. He didn't say.

Your strawberries sound good. I have bought only a few but they are so much better than the frozen ones.

And if you want the pie to have meringue...

A friend brought us a rhubarb pie yesterday so we're enjoying that. She makes a custard rhubarb with meringue on top.

Poor Daddy. Every time he shows Beulah and me what he's making we want one too. The box is to be my Christmas present so he doesn't need to be in any hurry. I thought the one he was making for Ann was really nice.

This has been a busy week and I never did get cleaning done. I went to a luncheon and a coffee and my last jewelry class for this year. I almost hated to see it end but hope they have it again next fall. I've been sewing too--made a cotton dress and have a nylon jersey almost finished for myself. Then I have a pile of things to fix. I caught a scarf in a zipper the other day and we had to tear up the zipper to get it off. It took a hole out of the scarf but I can still use it. The zipper had to be replaced and that's a nuisance.

Things have quieted down on campus. You wouldn't know there had ever been any problems except for the mean things that are said. We had no burnings or shootings or window smashings but our president has caught tongue lashings right & left. People can be so unjust.

It is such a beautiful morning. The birds are signing and it is so quiet. I woke up about 5:00 and couldn't sleep so just got up. The coffee is done so I guess I'd better stop and have a cup.

Hope you both are fine."



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