Friday, August 7, 2015

May 2, 1970 The Good Time, The Diamonds, The Extra Food, The Play and The Nice Shelves

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We had such a good time last weekend and both of you looked so good. The weather was beautiful and the dogwood had really come out by Sunday. We stopped at the Diamonds and had a sandwich. That place has a new building in a different spot so is a lot cleaner than it was the last time. The food was awfully high and not very good. We hadn't stopped there in several years because it had been so terrible. I had soured mashed potatoes once and that cooked it for me.

It was about 2:00, I think, when we got to St. Louis so we stopped to see Buddy & Bessie. He was working so we didn't see him but she looked better than she had in a long time. I guess they are both pretty good and they were planning to go to an Eastern Star affair in Cincinnati this weekend. Marjorie was home & called while I was there but I didn't see her. She is fine but still doesn't lift anything heavy.

We have been expecting Pat's brother and a friend from Chanute Air Base to come for the weekend but haven't heard from them yet. They must have had some unexpected work today as they do sometimes but I've fixed extra food in case they do come.

I just came home from a Brunch and may find time to sew a little. It is cold again but a beautiful day. The few hot days we had last week made everything bloom. The grass is so green and flowers are everywhere. B has mowed once but it needs it again. We have used the air conditioning but the furnace has been going the last two days. Last night we had a fire in the fireplace and maybe will have another one tonight. We bought a small load of wood last year and never did use much of it. The kids didn't find time to use the fireplace as we had hoped.

I'm still thrilled over the watch that Aunt Nora and Uncle Floyd gave me. We wound it & it has run and kept time. I'll get a heavy chain for it one of these days and wear it.

We haven't heard from the kids this week. They are probably up to their ears in work. There is so much going on here and school is so near out there are lots of extras.

The play Ann is working on begins this week and runs for several days so they have probably been practicing all hours. We hope to drive to Fulton on Saturday so we can see it Saturday night and then we'll come home Sunday. Ann has only about two weeks of school so you can imagine how busy she is.

Hope you both are fine. Don't try to do too much, Mother, now that you're doing better. I have my nice shelves in the dining room. It looks real pretty with the rest of the furniture."



NOTE: Learn more about the infamous Diamonds Restaurant on old Rt. 66 here:

About the watch:  Uncle Floyd was the brother of Mom's dad. The watch belonged to their Aunt Sarah Kenaston, the sister of their mother, Mom's great aunt. The chain pictured was always with the watch to my knowledge, and I don't recall any other.

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