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March 14, 1970 The Potluck Hostesses, The Weaving Exhibit, The Beautiful Snow, The Curly Beard and The Easter Vacation

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'll get an early start with my letter for a change. My house is cleaned and I have my table set for 12. The faculty is having a potluck supper tonight and I'm one of the hostesses. I have to make coffee & have bread and butter. They bring the rest and all of us go from the different dinners to school for dessert. I don't know how many hostesses they have in all.

We had a wonderful time at Grinnell. B worked, of course, so I didn't see much of him. There was also a woman from Minnesota to help him and they even talked about the work during breakfast. I expected to have all of the time alone and meant to write letters. I did get a letter written to Beulah but that was all. We got to Grinnell in time for a choir concert and then were taken to dinner in the student union. One of the professors was taking care of us so we went to his home for dessert. I went back there for lunch the next day and his wife and I had a real nice time together. We went to the art department of the college to see a weaving exhibit & browsed around there.

It had started snowing hard right after lunch and by Tuesday morning there were 9 inches. It wasn't cold and the sun came out so it was beautiful. We hadn't taken our boots but the walks were soon shoveled and the roads cleared.  The highway was fine all the way home even if the weatherman said there was freezing rain. We didn't see a bit of it. It has been spitting snow and it's real cold. Sometimes I wonder if it will really get warm.

Bob says spring flowers are blooming in Virginia.  I think they sort of dread the Illinois winters. They did go to Virginia Beach to see the eclipse. He said it was wonderful and he took some pictures. Sometime ago he told us he had a beard and would send us a picture but none has come. He said it was red and curly. Can't you just see it? He planned to shave it off before he comes home but I almost wish he'd wait until he gets here. I didn't tell him that though and he probably has shaved it off by now because Pat didn't like it.

Ann will be home for Easter vacation a week from Tuesday. I can hardly wait for her to get here. She doesn't write as often as she did last year but I know she is busier too. I guess that is good but sometimes I wonder how she gets it all in. She's playing piano for the Drama department now while they are rehearsing a musical comedy & also coaching a little boy that has a part in it. She thinks she'll get paid for it but would probably do it anyway. She still like her church job, too.

I guess I'd better get myself fixed up a bit and the coffee going. Hope you both are fine today."

                      Lots of love,


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