Friday, August 14, 2015

June 6, 1970 The Beautiful Day, The Picnic, The Old Place, The Slow Way and The Rock Festival

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is such a beautiful day after the cold rainy ones we've had since we got home. B went to graduation this morning and we have both worked in the yard this afternoon. The weeds are so big and I don't know whether I'll ever get them all pulled but the front yard looks real nice. The mimosa is coming up from the roots again so I guess the tops can't stand the cold weather we have.

Williamsburg was as beautiful as ever and we enjoyed it all. Bob's graduation was very nice and all of us had a picnic supper afterwards. Pat's uncle came from Richmond but went home after supper. The rest of the family left early the next morning so we had Monday evening with Bob & Pat.

We went to an old place in the old part of Williamsburg for supper and had sort of a special evening since we'd never been there before. The place was George Washington's favorite eating place in Williamsburg. It had plank floors and old, plain furniture. The napkins were about a yard square and the old checked kind.

Bob taught Friday, Mon. & Tues. so we didn't see him Tues. morning before we left. Pat called us while he got ready since they leave the house about 7:45. He has taught shop, English & history. He fills in wherever they need him & has been enjoying it.

The weather was wonderful while we were in Williamsburg but was cloudy & rainy on us most of the way home. We came the slow way home through the mountains of Virginia & W. Virginia. It is actually shorter but the roads are not so good and it takes longer but is such beautiful country.

We brought home a trunk full of Bob's things so I've been putting that stuff away and making room for the trailer load they will be bringing. The books are so heavy and he has a lot of them.

Ann started her summer school today. It is Camp Leadership and is at the Lake so it should be more fun than work. It will be a week and then she starts her other classes. She changed her mind about the post session in August because she wouldn't have time to rest or even get her clothes ready to go back to Fulton. It is probably a good idea for her to not try it.

I just haven't any idea what to send Jerry and Jeannette. Beulah wrote they didn't have any bath accessories but what color is the bathroom? It is hard to choose something for someone you don't know very well and I'm sure there are things they'd like if I only knew what they were. Has Beulah mentioned anything?

There was a rock festival near here while we were gone. It was on a farm and their neighbors tried every way they knew to stop it and now they are suing so I guess it will go on and on. There is something in the paper every day about it.

Don't worry about my red quilt. It will probably take me a hundred years to get it quilted. I still don't have mine all embroidered or the embroidery on my wool quilt done.

It is about supper time so I'd better stop. Hope you both are fine.

The graduation program was 15 pages so I'm sending only the important pages."



NOTE: Regular readers will note that I jumped the gun on posting the menu from the restaurant. The August, 1969 dinner in Williamsburg was apparently at Josiah Chowning's Tavern since I've now found a photo of it and the place wasn't Washington's favorite!

Curious about Kickapoo Creek, the rock fest at Heyworth, Ill.?


  1. So did you go to Kickapoo Creek?
    Re CW, here's their current line up of eateries.
    "ChEW-ning's" and Christi-AHNA's" are still there. Some years ago, the bakery in the support area off Lafayette St would sell pies, cakes, bread to the public. Appears the retail point of sale now is at Raleigh Tavern. And, psssst!, CW doesn't want you aware of this but there are a number of nice restaurants in the City of Williamsburg, James City County and York County! ;-)

  2. No, we were on the road during the Kickapoo fest:-) I'm sure that Colonial Williamsburg would love for everyone to eat with them rather than find a good eatery on the "outside"!


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