Monday, August 17, 2015

June 27, 1971 The Ruby Ring, The Knitting, The Man's Name, The Pie Pan and The Gym Clothes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm glad Daddy liked the ring and hope it fits. That was the biggest ruby in the box and I thought it looked lots bigger after it was in the mounting. I haven't done a thing with my jewelry since my class ended and probably won't before fall. It is hard to get started on something like that.

I've been knitting in front of TV a bit in the evenings but don't want to do much of anything really. I keep thinking I'll make some house dresses but hate to start. We did get some patterns for school clothes the other day but I don't know when I'll start on them.

Ann likes some of her classes and hates others. She is taking organ lessons, too (as part of her regular schedule) and finally got started on that this week.

I'm so happy for Marjorie and hope she'll be happy, too. Did she tell you the man's name or what kind of work he does?

I'll bet Mildred and Van went right by Normal on their way to Richland and I'm surprised they didn't stop. Maybe it was because I didn't write to her last Christmas. She didn't write either but I started the letter and never finished it because I kept waiting for her letter. I knew her son was in Vietnam and I was worried something had happened when she didn't write. Now, I'll write to her soon and I'm relieved to know he is safely back.

We haven't heard any more from Bob & Pat since they left Holland but it is hard to mail cards since you never know where to find the post office. The hotels say they will mail cards for you but sometimes they do and sometimes they don't bother.

B is working on Bob's car. He loves to fool around with them and wants to have it all tuned up when the kids get back. He'll do Ann's too and hers has to have new tires before fall. Our driveway sure is full with the three lined up bumper to bumper. There is barely room. Cars can't be parked on our street overnight so we're lucky they will all fit on our drive.

All of us drove to Tremont, Ill. last Sunday afternoon to a widely advertised flea market. It was a real bunch of junk and not even interesting junk but it was a nice ride anyway. They even had Prince Albert tobacco cans for sale and that is still being sold anywhere. I really wonder if people would be so dumb as to buy them.

Do you remember what it was that people used to use to get rid of a mildew smell in a house? Was it flour? It seems to me you had a pie pan of flour or something under the buffet one time. Our bedroom gets that smell when we have the house open a few days and then close it up. I know it is from the water in the basement this spring and it will be gone after the air conditioner is on awhile but we still haven't used it much.

Yesterday was actually cold. We wore sweaters last night to the store. It hasn't rained but has really threatened.

I must stop and do a tub of clothes. I thought I was finished with gym clothes but Ann is using them again.

Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,



  1. I can understand your dad working on cars. Back then there was plenty of space in the engine compartment and carburetors and distributors were easily understood and accessed. Fun and you could usually tell when you'd made a positive difference.
    Prince Albert was my grandpa's pipe tobacco. He kept one of the flat cans in his jacket pocket and one of the larger circular cans on his side table. He was a country doctor and I sure miss him even after 52 years.
    June 27th, 1970, I was still on Okinawa awaiting transportation to Cam Ranh Bay.

  2. Yes, Dad loved tinkering with cars and was always certain that they were well cared for. When I read my mom's comment about the Prince Albert I thought about how many of the cans I see in flea markets today. So people who bought them back then might not have been so stupid after all:-) Your grandpa probably sat and relaxed with his pipe after long days and nights of hard work. Dad smoked a pipe for many years and I can still hear the soft scraping sound of that little hinged tool used to clean the bowl. Did you take any pictures at Okinawa, a world away?


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