Sunday, August 16, 2015

June 20, 1970 The Graduation Gift, The Washing, The Savings Bond, The Awful Place and The Slow Mail

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We hope tomorrow is a nice day for you both and that Daddy's package has come by now.

We are all fine. Ann has really been busy this week. She goes to school about 7:15 and seems to rush all day. As soon as she gets home in the afternoon she either sits down to study or goes to the library. She got an A out of that week's course in camp leadership and enjoyed the course a lot. She's enjoying most of her classes but has one that bores her to death.

Bob & Pat were fine. He was real happy with the graduation gift and said he was going to try to write you while he was here. I don't know whether he did or not but I don't know when he could have done it. They came about noon Sunday and had a U-Haul trailer packed full. It started looking stormy so all of us hurried to empty the trailer and he got it turned in at the filling station before the rain started. Then it poured. We just piled everything where we could in our rush so you can imagine what things looked like. Then we took what we could to the basement and the rest is in their room. There isn't much space left up there but it doesn't matter.

They were supposed to fly from Chicago at 6:45 Tuesday evening but after they got on the plane the mechanics decided to change the brakes so they sat in the plane about an hour before it took off. We waited and watched the men work but we thought they were changing a flat tire. The kids changed planes in New York and went the rest of the way on a Dutch plane. They should be in Germany today.

I have washed all week but am about caught up. Bob & Pat had sheets and towels which hadn't been laundered of course and they didn't have time to wash anything except what they needed to take. I didn't want to have dirty clothes around for a month so I've been washing.

We finally sent Jerry & Jeannette a savings bond and told them to cash it if they wanted. Afterward, we wondered if they didn't have to wait 60 days before it can be cashed. I'd forgotten about that.

B's mother wrote about Mabel Ellis. She also said Harry Winters had bought the Dresser place and would tear the old house down before building a new one. It's about time. That place was awful and still full of furniture. It's a wonder people hadn't broken into it and hauled stuff off.

My letter was sure slow last week. I mailed it Sunday so you should have had it Tuesday. I think the mailmen here just don't empty the box in front of the post office sometimes. I have mailed birthday cards to friends here in Normal and they won't get them for days.

B is going to the post office so I'll stop & get this mailed."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE: I have little recollection of what classes I took other than Camp Leadership, which was very fun for an easy A and 1 credit. Eventually however, I got pretty bored by taking classes just to have the elective credits out of the way.


  1. Th UHaul trailer was the old hook to the bumper type. It slowly tore the bumper brackets off the Mustang we were driving. we noticed the trailer was slowly dropping forward and stopped to check it and observed the metal brackets tearing - we drove the last 100 miles with threads of metal hanging on and made it

    1. Ha! I'm glad Mom didn't know. It would have been worth at least 3 extra paragraphs:-) Or maybe she knew but didn't want Grandmother to know!


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