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June 14, 1970 The Case of Berries, The Dirty Camp Stuff, The Unappreciated President and The Cool, Nice Evenings

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The day is gone and I had so many things planned to do but didn't do any of them. There was an ad for berries in this morning's paper so we got a case of them for the freezer. It took me most of the day to do them.

Ann came home with all her dirty camp stuff mid-morning and then a couple of students came while we were having lunch. We fixed them some lunch and they stayed a long time. I had intended to do some baking and fix some other food.

Ann baked a cake and that's all we have ready if Bob & Pat should drive in tonight. They are on their way but said they'd be here tomorrow.  Bob called Thursday to tell us they would start sometime Friday but would take it slow and be here Sunday. Pat had to go to school part of Friday but they didn't know how long. There is a possibility they could come in tonight but maybe they wanted to stop somewhere along the way. We worried about the trailer and tried to get them to ship everything but they said there was too much stuff. Bob had taught all last week and said it was fun. I didn't ask what classes he'd been teaching.

Tell Jerry I haven't forgotten his wedding present and they'll have their gift in the mail before long. I'm sure glad I didn't get sheets and almost did.

This has been a busy week. We went to a potluck picnic for some friends that had been at ISU before teaching in Maryland. It was fun but lots of the people were young couples I did not know.

I've been cleaning the rugs and putting away winter clothes as well as making room for the kids' things. I used Johnson's "Glory" on the rugs and don't care too much for it. It seems to leave a film on the rugs like dried soap and I guess that is just what it is.

Our president has resigned and will leave Sept. 1 to take a teaching job. He doesn't have a job or know where he wants to go but said that all of the controversy now made being president of a college very unpleasant. He has been a good president and has such a nice wife. We are so sorry they are leaving but we can't blame them at all. The town didn't really appreciate him and they don't seem to realize how lucky they were that stores weren't burned or torn up. It seems so unfair that our president would be subjected to so much criticism when our school was the only one where there wasn't bad damage and closed. We stayed open.

We're letting our subscriptions run out, too. The magazines pile up and we never get them read. We go to the library pretty often and never get to stay long enough.

B & I have been trying to take a walk every evening. The evenings have been so cool and nice but today has really been hot so it may not be so cool tonight.

Tell Beulah I'll try to answer her letter soon. Hope you both are fine."



NOTE:  1970s fashion, loved by the likes of Little Bo Peep! I admit to liking it too, in the early 70s.

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