Thursday, August 20, 2015

July 19, 1970 The Rosebud, The Suburbs, The Coconut Cream Pie, The Yearly Physical and The Young Family

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is almost bedtime but we went to Chicago today and didn't get home until supper time. Then Toni came so I just didn't get my letter written. She doesn't come very often but brought us a rosebud. I guess she was lonesome.

Pat has an interview for a job on Monday in Elmhurst, Ill.  That's a suburb of Chicago and is a nice town. They hope she gets the job but we drove around today thru other suburbs so they'd know where to go on Monday and also have an idea what other suburbs were like. There aren't many job openings so we hope she gets this one.

Ann didn't want to go with us so she stayed home alone. I guess she slept late but had made a delicious coconut cream pie so we had that for dessert tonight.

Several days ago we bought a charcoal grill and Bob has been cooking for us. Hamburgers are really good cooked on it.

We don't know when Bob & Pat will come nor whether any of the rest of us can come. They must find the job & apartment first and then if they are on their way to Atlanta I couldn't come. I'll try to let you know. Bob talked about going to Jefferson City to look thru old records in the State Library or Historical Society. Pat's grandmother sent him some notes on Belshes that she found in Salt Lake City and Bob had another letter from the Missouri woman who has been writing to him. He wants to talk to Aunt Nora and see her Traw family tree and we thought Holland Warren might be interesting to talk to.

I have had my yearly physical exam and the doctor said I was in real good shape. He gives all kinds of tests so I may not feel so good when the bill comes.

I certainly haven't done much work since the kids came. Their things are scattered everywhere so the house isn't very orderly but I guess it doesn't matter. It is going to be nice for them to be close enough to come home pretty often.

The young family next door with the two little girls will be moving to another town in August. They have been here almost six years and he finished his work at ISU this summer. I will miss them because she's a real good neighbor.

I had a nice letter from Mildred this week. She really enjoyed her visit with you but they weren't even close to us.

I must stop and go to bed. All of us are sort of tired tonight. Hope you both are fine. Don't work too hard when the weather is so hot."



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