Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 31, 1970 The Writing, The Yard, The Wedding, The Tomatoes and The Cleaning

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There isn't any news to write but it didn't seem quite right for me to be skipping a week of writing.

We wish we could have come with Bob & Pat but it is too long a ride for a half day's visit and that's all we'd have had. They leave here Saturday and we couldn't have stayed until Monday.

Today is a beautiful day but yesterday was really hot. We worked in the yard after lunch so I have some sore muscles. I can't remember ever neglecting the yard as we have this summer. B has kept it mowed but I haven't kept the flower beds at all so they are a mess.

Did the Dr. ever say what is wrong with Aunt Beatrice? How old is she?

Ann will be home this weekend but I don't know whether she's coming Fri. or Sat.  She is playing for a wedding on Sunday in Mason City and has to be there for the rehearsal Sat. afternoon. The wedding is at 4:00 so that means she'll be late getting back to school. I wanted Bob to come with her so she wouldn't have to drive alone but she didn't know whether he could or not. She may bring her roommate--a St. Louis girl.

The leaves rustled like fall this morning and the school buses are running so summer is almost gone. We have found a man who sells tomatoes so we've really been eating a lot of them. They are 10¢ a lb. or $2.75 a bushel which beats 29¢ in the store. They are just delicious. I may get a bushel this week and put some in the freezer for soup. I use a lot of canned tomatoes in the winter and had quite a few in the freezer last year. I have to cook them, of course, but that's easy. I tried freezing them raw one time and it just doesn't work. We don't like things half frozen & that's how you have to eat them. It is the same with melon.

I want to do some cleaning today so I'd better get at it.

There isn't much to eat around here either so I've got to do something about that before the kids get home.

Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,



The Life article's conclusion on the American diet in 1970: "What our society has done is to push more and more of us into this sedentary zone, where, in effect, we have three choices. Either we are going to be hungry all the time or we can step up our activity, or we are going to get fat."

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