Monday, August 24, 2015

August 22, 1970 The Wedding, The Trailer, The Button-holer, The Nice Letter and The Geritol

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been to a wedding and it was long since it was a Catholic mass. It was beautiful though and in such a pretty old church--all pale blue, white & gold inside with lots of all white statues. We were invited to another one next week but I just said we couldn't go.

Bob & Pat will be back tomorrow or Monday. They will take two days since they'll be pulling a trailer of furniture. I guess they have worked most of the time they've been in Atlanta. They refinished a table and some chairs for their kitchen and had a couch recovered. I don't know what else they are bringing. I hope they can go right on to the apartment with it but they'll probably have to unload and then get another trailer later.

I have sat so much this week that my legs almost refuse to work. I've sewed constantly & haven't had enough exercise for anything. I told B that I needed to dig a few ditches. We have Ann's clothes about ready. I have a cotton knit dress ready to sew & that is going to be all for now.

I finished the outfit of the same material. There was a cape, a dress, a pair of slacks & a pantdress. They sure are nice but I was pretty sick of the camel color by the time I sewed on the last snap. My button-holer sure is a mess. I finally coaxed it along until I did the ones I really had to & then quit. It doesn't make sense but the thing will be working fine & I start a new buttonhole & it won't work for awhile.

I had a nice letter from Beulah. One of these days I'll have a chance to answer it. I was so glad to hear from her. It had been so long.

We have really had some rain this week. Ann had a meeting in Chicago on Wednesday & left in the pouring rain. She did fine though, & got home about 8:00.

I hope Paul doesn't take the Springfield job either. He has been so nice & good for Richland.

It is about time they took Aunt Beatrice to the hospital. She sure has had a time. I hope they can straighten her out soon.

Ann leaves for school on Thursday. She is a student leader so that means she goes a little early so she's there when the new Freshmen come. Her Bob will still be in graduate school this fall but M.U. starts late, I think.

I hope the Geritol gives you some pep. Do you still take your vitamins? Maybe cooler weather will help. Rest a little extra everyday & maybe that will help."

                Lots of love,


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