Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 2, 1970 The Rain, The Picnic, The Time, The Moon and The Earth

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm so glad you had some rain. We finally got some too but it made things awfully steamy and yesterday was a roasting day.

This has been a busy week. B & I went to a potluck picnic. One of the luncheons was in Peoria and was fine. We drove over and ate in a cafeteria & then just looked around. One of the girls bought a raincoat but the rest just looked.

The parties have been for the Bradens (Pres. & Mrs.) who will leave at the end of the month. We will miss them.

Patty has a job at last and will go to sign the contract on Monday. It is Kenilworth, Ill.--just north of Evanston. Bob will have to ride the elevated to school (about an hours trip) but this is the job they both wanted. It will be 7th & 8th grade math in a small elementary school. She will have her own room and will be the only math teacher. The area is an upperclass residential area so she thinks it will be much easier than her last year's job. She was offered a contract at another place yesterday but didn't like the looks of the place as well although she really liked the people who interviewed her. She will call them Monday and tell them she has taken another job.

They will start looking for a place to live on Monday and hope to get that settled. I still don't know when they'll be coming to Richland. Patty would like to go to Atlanta now but there are lots of problems about bringing their things to Atlanta. They'll have to rent a trailer and Bob wants to take the stuff right to their apartment instead of unloading it here & having to rent another trailer later. Anyway, I'll still let you now when they are coming. They had talked of coming this weekend but were waiting for the call about the job and got it this morning.

Ann has only next week left of summer school. She will be so glad. She has been limping after hitting a toe on the couch leg while she was playing ping pong in the basement. We thought it was broken but the school doctor x-rayed it and said it was just sprained. I spent yesterday hauling her around but it is better today.

The article on time & space was interesting. I really wish the gov't. would spend more time & money on our earth and not worry about the moon & space.

I hear the kids in the kitchen so had better stop. Bob is going to cook tonight."

                         Lots of love,


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