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September 7, 1969 The New Students, The Birthday Hat, The Belshe Drug Store, The Hair Brush and The Fall Clothes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I just finished a dress for Ann and I guess she's ready for school. She has the car practically packed and plans to leave real early in the morning so she can be there by noon. Another girl is going from here but she is a freshman and had to be there today. Ann has helped her plan her classes and answered all kinds of questions. Since we got home from our trip I haven't done anything except get Ann ready so the house is pretty much a mess.

B, of course, has been real busy getting ready for the new students. They are pouring into town. I think there will be 15,000. There are 250 new teachers and they had their first meeting this morning. There is something scheduled every weekend now until late October so there won't be any chance for us to come home very soon. Parents' Day is late October so we'll plan to do that but we'd hoped we could come before that and come on to Richland.

Bob sent your letter on from Williamsburg & we were glad to get it. Do you have your new rugs yet? Don't worry about Ann's birthday. Rosalynn has some kitchen tools for her hope chest but she's just saving them there so Ann will be coming to Richland one of these days. That is, if she doesn't get so busy she won't have time. Her choir job will start soon so that will keep her there on Sundays.

I'm glad Daddy had a nice birthday & glad he found a hat he liked. I had looked them up in Sears but was afraid to order one for him.

I wish we could have seen the parade in Richland. I didn't even know they were planning one but it does sound interesting. Were there any picture in the papers about it?

We sent Bob the clipping about the drug store from the Mirror and now he wants a photograph of it (the picture I mean). We'll have to ask B's mom about it but I think that was one of Holland's pictures. He had quite a box of them.

The Belshe Drug Store, about 1920, Grandfather 3rd from left

I'd like to see Bernadine. Does her mother still live in that house across the tracks or did she sell that?

I meant to write a card to tell you when we got home but I didn't get it done & the forgot about Labor Day until I had written my letter so I'm sorry you were so long hearing from us after we got here. The telephone starting ringing the minute we got home & there is always so much to do when we first get home.

Bob & Pat are fine. He was real interested in the stones Daddy has & I wished I had taken them with me because he could have run lab tests & really found out if they were real. He had been reading about gems & talking with an old professor who used to teach gem cutting in the college. The old man had given him a book. I don't think Bob has gained much weight but he has filled out & doesn't look skinny now. I threatened to give him a hair brush for christmas because he has a bush of hair just like Buddy. It never looks combed & I think he could smooth it a bit with a brush.

It doesn't seem possible that summer could be gone already & school started again. I certainly don't have any of my fall clothes ready to wear & they'd be too hot anyway.

I hope you both are fine & that Daddy's legs feel better."

                             Lots of love,


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