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September 28, 1969 The Errands, The Lumber, The Couch, The Upholstery and The Quilt

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've had lunch and B has gone to the office for awhile. We have to go to a tea this afternoon but he had to work in the office a little because he never got there yesterday and his mail piles up.

Yesterday morning we had a lot of errands to run and then went to the football game in the afternoon. Last night the potluck group was here so yesterday was full. Everyone brought pictures they'd taken on vacation. No one had very many but it was fun to see them.

We found the walnut lumber yesterday. It was rough so we took it to a cabinet shop to have it planed down and will get it next week. The lumber man said walnut is like gold anymore and you can't buy it very often. We couldn't pick the pieces so there may be places that have to be filled. We're anxious to see how it looks when we get it because it sure was ugly in the rough. I got enough for the shelves and not the table. I did find the picture of the table, finally (I'd put it away so I'd know where it was and then couldn't find it) but I couldn't figure out the amount of lumber needed at all. I'll bring the picture when we come and Daddy can look at it. If he wants to make it sometime o.k. and if he doesn't it's o.k.

Our couch came this week and it is beautiful. I'm really thrilled with it. The room looks smaller but lots prettier. It has 8 loose cushions (4 seat, 4 back) and is 100" long. The old one looks nice in the study and we put the desk in our bedroom. Of course the trucker just delivers the couch crated so I had him put it in the garage. B & I uncrated it & carried it in the house ourselves. We had to take it thru the front hall into the kitchen and around thru the dining room but it wasn't too heavy and was easier to do than I'd expected.

The upholstery material I'd ordered from Sears also came but I haven't cut into it yet. I made a pattern from an old tablecloth & that took all the time I had to work on it this week except for the work I did on the legs. They were blond and I wanted to put a walnut finish on them. I guess they had a lacquer finish because it was hard as a rock & I had an awful time. Paint remover would have helped but the legs aren't big & I didn't think I'd need it so I sanded. When I finally put the stain on it showed that I hadn't got all the old finish off and they looked awful. So I did them over and now they look real nice.

Ann says she has the quilt that we had done by the woman on Ray's farm. She doesn't think it is very good work so we're wondering what it looks like.

I have to write to her today so I'd better get at it before I have to dress for the tea.

Bob is to have his first interview for med. school tomorrow in Charlottesville, Va. at the U. of Virginia. It is all day--a hospital tour, lunch & the interview.

Be sure and tell me how Uncle Floyd is. Is the cancer on the same side?

Ann said your carpet was real pretty."



NOTE: Remember Old Spice? By the late 1960s Aqua Velva was taking over.


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