Saturday, July 4, 2015

September 14, 1969 The History, The Award, The Tests, The Haphazard Week and The Little Desk

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We sure have enjoyed the Mirror this week & I clipped the history of Richland. Bob will probably be interested in that. The Tyree family will be interesting to him because that is the name of the man who is head of Bob's chemistry department.

Bob called this week all excited. He had a letter from the chemistry department telling him he was being awarded the Robert L. Green award in chemistry which is $300.  It goes every year to a chemistry junior or senior but Bob didn't even know he was being considered. In fact, he hadn't even thought of it & we didn't remember there was such an award. After we talked to him we looked it up in the college catalog & it's an annual thing. That should look good on his med. applications. He has sent out only three so far but said he'd get some more done. They're a nuisance to fill out but I wish he'd get it done. He registered Friday & classes begin tomorrow. Pat's teaching is going fine. She has only one problem child & maybe she can win it over before long.

Ann called yesterday to tell us everything she's been doing, too. Her birthday package has come but I hadn't sent it on to her so I opened it while we were talking to her to tell her what it was. She was happy about the beautiful towel & wash cloth & told me to be sure & put them in her trunk. I guess she was afraid I'd be using them.

She had taken some tests & may change a couple of classes. If so, she'll move up to a harder class & yet get credit for the one she started in. They are French & Music Theory. She felt sure of the French but said there were a lot of things in the music test she didn't know.

This has been sort of a haphazard week. It is registration week so B's hours are all mixed up. Some mornings he went about 7:00 & went back some evenings. We have a strike on campus too--the cooks & janitors. The strike is illegal because they work for the state but I don't know how it is going to come out.

I wish I had some of your apples too, but they will probably all be gone by the time we get there.

This has been a short summer & I didn't get a third of the things done that I wanted to do.

We have ordered a new couch for the living room through Horace and I don't know when it will come. I plan to put the old ones in the study so it means moving around a bit. I'd like to do a little scrubbing up in the study before we do the rearranging & the paint needs to be touched up. Steve sent me a sample of the upholstery so I've been trying to find material to blend with it so I can recover the chairs we have. I finally ordered a piece from Sears. The stuff is so high you have to select carefully but it is too much work to use flimsy stuff.

I had another suggestion about walnut lumber the other day so we'll go see about it when we have time. By the way, does anyone have their name on that little desk? If not, put mine on it. I saw one almost like it this summer in an antique shop.

I'm glad Daddy can walk a little better. It sure is rough when your legs don't work right. Our next door neighbor has such a time with his legs. He's had both hips broken though, & has had trouble for years. He's the one that used to take Bob fishing."

                          Lots of love,


NOTE: This simple little walnut desk, made by my grandfather, was my grandparents' first piece of furniture when they set up their household, 1906.


  1. That's a beautiful desk that your grandfather made. Obviously great craftsmanship, more so since he must have had only hand tools. It looks like a Shaker piece for its simplicity. Speakin' o' which, you might enjoy a visit to Shakertown aka The Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill about 25 miles southwest of Lexington, KY.

    1. Thank you, Mike. It is very simple with small, open shelves and cubbies inside. I have visited the Shaker sites in the northeast, but never this one. Thank you for the link!


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