Tuesday, July 7, 2015

October 5, 1969 The New Man, The Virus, The Accomplishment and The Small Chairs

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm behind again. The phone rang so much the last two days I didn't get my work done. We are going to a tea in a few minutes and then we're having company for supper. B has a new man in his office so we're having them & another couple. They are from Kirksville, Mo.

Ann had written only once the past week and I knew she had a cold so I called her yesterday. She had been sick and in the infirmary all week but went back to class Friday afternoon. She still sounded like she had a cold but said she was all right. The doctor said she had a virus and she'd been taking antibiotics for a sore throat & sore ear.

It has been hot here but the sunshine has been wonderful. Today it is cooler & cloudy so we expect rain. Last night we sat through most of the football game without jackets & there was a breeze too.

B worked around the house all day yesterday so he got all of the windows washed & the garage cleaned out. That's a real accomplishment around here.

I have the walnut lumber stashed under our bed. I wanted to store it flat & that was the first place I thought of. It isn't as smooth as I wanted it to be but Daddy will have to see it.

Parents' weekend is Oct. 24, 25, 26 and if B can manage it we are coming to Richland the 23rd. & then drive back to Fulton the next day.

What is Charlotte making with all this stuff she's been hauling to Daddy's workshop? I still can't understand what she's doing.

Mrs. Allen quilted that Garden Path that Grandmother B made for Bob & Pat. Rosalyn thought it would be all right for it. Ann's quilt isn't finished yet but is being quilted.

My living room looks nice now. I put orange on the small chairs & it sure perked up the room. I upholstered 3 chairs this week & that is real work.

I must stop and get dressed. Hope you both are fine."

                             Lots of love,



  1. 1. Shame on you for worrying your mother! You could at least have sent her a text! ...wait, what?
    2. Love the Cadillac. That would be an ideal car for driving old Route 66. https://youtu.be/he2ZuKjEA-E
    3. I already thought your mom was an amazing woman, but upholstery, too? Wow!

  2. 1. Oh well.
    2. Thanks for bringing back Nelson Riddle:-) Rt. 66, all the way from Normal, IL to Richland, MO!
    3. You name it, she did it. Next up, her silversmithing:-)
    4. Thanks, as always, for reading! The 1940s were really more interesting however:-)


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