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October 11, 1969 The Busy Week, The Good Practice, The Galloping Stitches, The Psychoanalysis and The Falling Leaves

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been a busy week. I've tried to sew a little but can't get much done. Our book club had its first fall meeting on Monday, Travel Club had a lunch that day & there was something that night but I can't remember what. There has been too much.

We had a writers' workshop planned for Tuesday but it was cancelled, thank goodness.  Faculty Women's Club had its opening dinner that night. I went to a birthday luncheon Thursday & to my class that night. Yesterday I stayed at home except for grocery shopping. You see why I haven't sewed.

The jewelry class is still interesting but I haven't made anything yet. I cut some rocks into slabs (slices) on the diamond wheel & I worked on a piece to make a stone for a ring. The piece was imperfect so I don't intend to do anything with it but it was good practice and I won't be afraid to cut into a good piece if I ever want to.

Ann and Bob K. are here this weekend. She still coughs but looks all right. She had this virus for two weeks and wanted to come home so we told her to come on if someone would come with her. Bob had told her he would bring her so they are here and both of them are studying.

She brought the quilt that Rosalyn had quilted and it is very pretty but the stitches sort of gallop. It will be a nice light quilt for Bob & Pat to have anyway. I probably won't send anymore to that woman, though.

Bob wrote us about his interview at the U. of Virginia and he feels confident they will accept him but he's hoping some others will too. A med. student took four applicants on a tour of the school. Then he was psychoanalyzed (Bob says) during a long conversation with some doctor. The man wrote about 2 pages while they were talking but of course Bob doesn't know what he was writing. The final part of the interview was short and mainly concerned with what Bob was interested in doing.

On Monday he will fly to Durham, N.C. for an interview at Duke University. It is to be a 20 min. interview so he'll go right back and Pat won't go with him. We drove around this campus last summer and were much impressed. I'd be real happy if he chose Duke and they have a fine research program.

I had a nice letter from Beulah today. I'd written a letter on her birthday card and told her I had some Fostoria bowls I'd bring her when we come. I bought her a round one & an oval one like yours but they are too heavy to mail.

I just now re-read your letter and realized I had forgotten to send Cliffie a card. How is she? I try to keep extra cards on hand but never have the right one.

No, the strike is not over yet. Everyone is working because they were ordered by court to work, but the bickering goes on.

The leaves are falling fast. It is chilly today after a hard rain last night but we have been having wonderful days. I'd like to take some sort of drive to see the leaves but I guess we'll have to wait until Parents' Weekend. We'll have to stay in Jeff. City that weekend because we didn't get early reservations. I wrote one place in Fulton in early August but they were already full. We don't know for sure yet but we hope we can come to Richland the 23rd and spend the night. Then drive back to Fulton the next morning. It depends upon things here at school whether B can get away.

Hope you both are fine."

                                Lots of love,


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