Saturday, July 11, 2015

November 9, 1969 The Dose of Japan, The Old Man, The Silver Brooch, The Art Exhibit and The Frozen Plants

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've been on the run all week and are still going. B had a breakfast meeting at school this morning & will probably be there until noon. I'm going to a luncheon and we are both going to a dinner tonight. The speaker for the luncheon has been teaching home ec. in Japan for two years. She is retired from our faculty so that should be interesting. The President's wife called this morning for us to help entertain a Japanese guest they have this weekend so we're going to dinner with them. It seems as if we're getting a dose of Japan today.

Bob has been accepted by the University of Illinois Med School. That is in Chicago & the letter came here this week. We called him & then sent the letter on. He said the Yale interview didn't amount to very much. An old doctor interviewed him for the Dean of Admissions at Yale because the dean had been one of the old man's students. Bob said he was nice & very interested in the research projects he has done. He said he (Bob) asked as many questions as the doctor did.

Ann called one evening because she hadn't written. She has been in the middle of mid-term tests and had been busy. I think she just likes to talk once in awhile.

I made myself a plain gray double knit dress yesterday & am going to wear it today with a bright scarf. I think I told you I had cut it out. I wish I could get the jacket made soon because we are having perfect weather for this sort of dress.

I would like to see Charlotte's display but would probably want to make some of the things if I saw them. I have started a silver brooch in my jewelry class but have only part of the pieces cut out. Two of the women who have taken the class are working with gold but that's much too expensive to start with. I really like to cut the rocks but decided I'd better start something else before the class ended. It's almost half over, I think.

I'm sure enjoying the apples and still have some. I served apple cake to As You Like It Club on Thursday and they enjoyed it.

We plan to go with some friends to see an art exhibit in Chicago tomorrow so we hope it will be a beautiful day like today.

B hopes to work in the yard this afternoon. The leaves are thick & all of the frozen plants need to be cut off.

Hope you both are fine."

                            Lots of love,


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