Monday, July 13, 2015

November 24, 1969 The Beautiful Weekend, The T-giving Dinner, The Jewelry Class, The Interesting Friends and The Velveteen Skirt

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I really goofed on my letter this week. We have been on the go so much that I haven't sat down long enough to write it.

This has been a beautiful weekend so I hope you have had a nice time in St. Louis. I kept intending to tell Beulah to let us know when you were going but never did and we couldn't have come anyway, I guess.

After we ran a lot of errands yesterday we worked in the yard the rest of the day but still didn't get the flower beds cleaned out. I never did get any cleaning done in the house so will try to do that tomorrow.

Ann & Claudia will be here for supper Wednesday night and I've asked Malcolm & his mother & grandmother for T-giving dinner. Audrey will have a family dinner if her other son's family decides to stay in town but none of us will know until Tuesday. She was worrying about being alone that day so I asked them here. She didn't think Malcolm would enjoy having dinner with her & his Grandmother. She still can't stand to stay in the house alone for very long and Malcolm doesn't come home much.

Bob & Patty didn't know what they would do Thanksgiving. If they are invited to Pat's uncle's in Richmond they'll go there. He will hear about his Yale interview before Christmas, he thinks, but doesn't know more than that.

My jewelry class is still interesting but I have a lot to learn. I've been working on a silver brooch that takes a lot of soldering. That was my first big mistake I guess, for I'm having an awful time getting the soldering done. There is a real trick to it & I haven't caught on yet. I did fix a necklace I've had for a long time that I couldn't wear. I got it in Greece but it didn't hang straight so I got that fixed. Now, I'm wanting some jewelers tools but haven't been able to find the little pliers around here.

I'm so sorry about Uncle Floyd. He's having a time. I haven't heard any more from Wheelers.

I don't suppose you will see Ann at all while she's in Richland. I do hope she checks on her quilt in Jeff. City before she comes home T-giving. She hasn't been to see about it because she said they'd let her know.

Her welfare family in Jeff. City invited her to spend T-giving with them if she couldn't come home. Wasn't that nice? It's just a couple I think, but the woman has heart trouble and the man is a cripple. Ann made some interesting friends last summer.

I got my suit finished and have worn it twice. It is real comfortable. I also have the lining ready to put in my knit dress I made last year. It wouldn't take long to do it if I could get at it. I also have a skirt cut out for Ann and want to have it ready to fit when she comes home. It is blue velveteen which we bought before she went away to school and now would be the time to wear it so I must take time to finish it.

I'll try to send Uncle Floyd a card but I hope he's better.

Take care of yourselves."

                         Lots of love,


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