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November 2, 1969 The Terribly Short Visit, The Delicious Apple Pie, The Interesting Things, The Nice Letter and The Curlers

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It sounds as if all of you had a good time when Buddy & Bessie were there. I suppose the woods were still pretty for they sure were around Jeff. City--especially along the road to Fulton. It seems much longer than a week since we were there. We had such a good time even if our visit was terribly short with you.

I'm still trying to use up the apples. I didn't dream that Daddy had fixed so many but it is nice to have them. I've made 5 pies & 4 apple cakes & still have apples. I'll work them all up & have cakes in the freezer when the kids come home. Apple cake is one of Bob's favorite desserts. I never thought that Delicious apples were good cooked but I made a pie just to see & it was delicious. They are good raw too & so sweet.

We're going to our potluck supper again tonight & I have to furnish the dessert. It is apple cake, of course, but I'm going to have to get some ice cream to put on it. We like that better than whipped cream.

 Have you tried Cool Whip? It is all fixed and tastes just like whipped cream.

Meet Claudia
We had a nice room in Jeff. City last week but it would have been handier to have stayed in Fulton. We changed our clothes before we even saw Ann so we were ready to go to the Presidents' reception when we got to Ann's dorm. She was registering parents as they came in but went with us when we got there. Claudia (Ann's roommate) had gone to Rolla for the weekend so we didn't see her.

After the reception we drove to Columbia & ate supper. Then came back to Fulton & went thru the Churchill Memorial & chapel. It is really nice & so much bigger than I expected. There are lots of interesting things in the museum--all connected with the chapel or Churchill's life. Things are still being added. One of his daughters had sent some of her letters she received from him when she was a child. These were given a few months ago after the woman had visited the museum.

Saturday morning we met Ann & the Garners (her chorus director & his wife) & all went to lunch together with all of the other girls & their parents. It was called a "chuck wagon lunch" & was in the barn so we had barbecued beef sandwiches. The chorus sang & there were some speeches.

That night there was a dress up dinner for parents and then a play. Ann came to our motel Sunday morning & had breakfast with us & we all went to Garner's house for dinner. Wasn't that nice of them to have us there? We left for home right after we ate & came home on 54 so we could see the trees. They were pretty but not like those around Jeff. City.

I've been on the go all week but did manage to cut out a dress for myself--actually a dress, jacket & skirt all out of the same piece. I don't know when I'll get to sew on it.

We had a nice letter from Bob & Pat today. They plan to be here on Sat., December 20 & Bob's interview for U. of Illinois med school will be in Chicago on Dec. 22. Pat says her teaching is all right but she wishes the kids would listen better.

School was dismissed yesterday for a meeting so she was going with Bob to Charlottesville when he was being interviewed for Yale. That was yesterday but they were going Thursday evening & stay all night with friends.

Ann probably wasn't even in Fulton when Jerry was there. She spends most of Sunday in Jeff. City much of the time & goes to the high school students' meetings at the church.

I'm glad Charlotte could wear those shoes. I didn't think about them fitting her. Ann gave Beulah a pair one time so I thought these would fit, too.

I had better stop & get the curlers out of my hair. It will be time to go & I won't be ready.

I baked the sweet potatoes with roast pork & they were sure good. And the little violet was a sad looking thing when I got home but has perked up & blooming like everything. African Violets must not be as finicky as everyone says."

                         Lots of love,



  1. Apples: we used to take the kids to Schlueter's orchards near Scott AFB. THE BEST golden delicious apples ever! Before that, we celebrated our first anniversary at Fulton's Prime Rib in Old Sacramento. Prime rib, of course, and sides and a great bottle of California red and APPLE pie with, IIRC, both melted cheddar and a rum sauce. Cost of that dinner, with tip, was $20.00. Huge splurge in '74.
    Oh, and there's a large realty company over here called "William E. Woods" so it gives me pause whenever I see the name of your school.
    Really enjoying these strolls down memory lane!

  2. That dinner sounds about perfect even now! But yes, $20. in 1974 was a major special occasion dinner! Glad you're enjoying the strolls and I wish there was something really exciting to encounter along the way, but don't hold your breath! Thanks very much, as usual.

  3. I love apple pie but haven't had any for quite a while (putting on weight!). The Palmolive advert brought back memories, we used to have a TV advert for washing up liquid with the jingle: "Hands that do dishes are as soft as your face with mild green Fairy Liquid"!

    1. Now that jingle gave me a good chuckle! Funny how those ads stay with us. I guess the advertisers knew how to create a slogan and tune that sticks in our minds! There aren't many new ones like that!


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