Sunday, July 12, 2015

November 16, 1969 The Small Pumpkins, The New Glasses, The First Snow, The Bad Spots and The NASA Petition

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been running around all day doing errands. B did go to the office for a few minutes & brought home a big batch of work.

I had a couple of small pumpkins I bought when we went to Parents' Weekend and finally got them cooked & put thru the colander. I have really used that colander you gave me so long ago. I'll freeze the pumpkin.

We haven't heard from Bob this week but Ann called to tell us about her grades. She was so happy & so were we. She & Lessie Titterington are coming to Richland on the 21st, I think. Lessie had called her.

I got some new glasses this week--the same frames but stronger reading glasses. My eyes hadn't changed much but I can thread a needle easier now. I can still use my old half glasses without them bothering me but the new ones are better for constant reading or sewing.

It is cold here and we have our first snow--not quite an inch but it caught us without the yard work done. The peonies aren't cut off & you should see the mimosa. It just seemed to collapse.

There was the last football game of the year this afternoon but it was too cold for me. I don't like football that much.

What do you hear from Uncle Floyd? I guess he is in Burge Hospital?

There is no hurry about my bookshelves but the long board was to be cut in half for the two end pieces. That would make them 24" I believe. The other three for the shelves were to be 36" long or about that. If Daddy doesn't think the boards are good enough just don't do anything about it or the thing may have to be smaller to cut away some bad spots. The boards weren't very good but it is the only walnut I could find.

Two of my friends here (both Catholic) have been circulating petitions to send to NASA about the Bible reading in space. Isn't it strange that the news about that has just been talked about here? Anyway, they had over 9000 names this week after only a few days. The letters were pouring in to them.

We had a very short letter from Jim Wheeler this week. Their son has another flare up of the cancer and was having to come home from graduate school. Jim is so heart broken he wrote only a few lines just to let us know. We have to answer it but I don't know what to say.

I worked on my suit all week & it still isn't done. The finishing up takes so long & I'm going to have to face the hem of the skirt. I skimped so much to get the dress & suit out of the piece of material that I have only ½" to turn up now that the skirt is evened. B always measures for me or I'd never get the hems in right.

I must stop & write to our kids. Hope you both are fine."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE: A little technology news above (Ladies Home Journal, November 1969) and a reminder that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was released in September of 1969..a movie we all enjoyed.


  1. Interesting as per usual. I was especially interested in the Bible Reading and NASA petition. Never knew any of this. I've Googled it and see that verses from Genesis were read out in 1968 and 1969 - though atheists appear to have strongly objected. Just curious, but I wondered if you knew what the Catholics petitions were about.

  2. I believe that the petitions were to encourage NASA to allow the religious activities of the astronauts during the moon landing to be publicly broadcast, rather than withheld. Here is an interesting article about the communion and the controversy: Thanks as usual, for your comments!


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