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March 2, 1970 The Jewelry Making, The Wonderful Time, The White Lace Volkswagon, The Little Violet and The Draft Board

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Your lovely card was here when we got home last night. Thanks so much for the money but the card would have been plenty of birthday for me. I'll probably buy me a tool or something for my jewelry making.

It was after 8:00 when we got home last night but we had a wonderful time in Chicago. B had to go to meetings most of the time but it was a change and that helps. I just browsed around and window shopped although it was pretty cold for that. One of my friends was with her husband so we shopped around together and that was fun.

The meeting was over at noon yesterday so we went out to the Auto Show which has been going on all week. We had never been before and it was fun to see all the beautiful cars and the fancy cars which were made just for show. There were purple ones and orange ones. One little Volkswagon looked like white lace. They aren't for sale of course. The show was in the same place out by the stockyards where they have the political conventions. It's a huge place and there were a lot of cars to see.

I'm tired today but we are going to a potluck supper at 6:00. I'm going to take peas and I have scalloped potatoes in the oven.

Next Sunday we are going to Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa for a couple of days where B has to do some work as a follow up to a study he helped do about a year ago.  I think they want to have a teachers' training program and are supposed to have made some changes this year. One of Ann's friends goes to school there but I don't know whether we'll see her or not. We'll leave here early Sunday morning and be home Tuesday evening.

I hope Daddy isn't working hard on that table for me & I sure don't want him working in the shop when it is cold. What kind of wood is he wanting for Ann's box? I don't think she cared what it was made of or how big. She just wanted something Daddy made.

It seems that Uncle Floyd has to go to Springfield real often. Do they give him x-ray treatments? Maybe that is what makes him feel so bad. They are awfully hard on some people.

I know how you feel about Ann. She still seems like my little girl, too, but she sure can take care of herself. Sometimes I can hardly believe that she manages so well. She directed the school choir a couple of days this week when the teacher was out and she taught another music class last week. I'd sure like to sneak in and listen.

My little violet is blooming now and it is such a pretty color. I hope it keeps going now that it's started.

The Faculty Women's Book Club meets with me in the morning at 10:00. I just have to make coffee and set the table. Another girl will bring the coffee cake. I've had to do a little cleaning today because 10:00 comes awfully fast--especially if the telephone rings a few times.

Bob had a letter from the draft board telling him to appear for a physical but it was a mistake. Someway or other the letter hadn't been sent from the med. school saying he was accepted. It is all o.k. now and he won't have to have one at all. We thought maybe everyone was being examined but they say no. Bob was relieved. He knew they wouldn't draft him but he'd have had to transfer the exam to Virginia and miss a day or two of school.

They (Bob & Pat) are going to have to fly home during Easter vacation. Pat just has a few days off so there isn't time to drive but they feel she must find a job then if she can. It will be sort of hectic but they have it all planned.

Hope you both are fine and thanks again for the nice birthday."

                Lots of love,


NOTE: For a little bit on the history of the Chicago Auto Show of 1970:

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