Sunday, July 26, 2015

January 31, 1970 The Few Nice Days, The Jewelry Class, The Jello Salad, The First Week and The Little African Violet

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is such a beautiful spring day but all the dust and dirt really shows. We have been having a few nice days mixed in with the cold and snow so maybe we won't have any more of those long cold spells. January sure went in a hurry but I didn't accomplish much or see many of my friends. I went to Audrey Ross's to Travel Club on Monday but there was a small crowd. Malcolm is on a caving trip in Mexico with some boys from U. of Illinois since he has a few days between semesters. He doesn't come home very often and when he does we seldom see him.

Bob has had this week off between semesters. He made 4 As and 1 B. Isn't that wonderful? If he keeps working this hard he'll do fine in med. school.

In need of polishing!
My jewelry class has started again and a lot of new people have started this semester. I finished a ring this week and it is pretty nice. It is silver and the stone is green. I cut it from a rock so the ring was made from scratch. I finally ordered some files, a saw and a few other things to use at home. There are a lot of little things that take so long to do that I can do without help now that I have a few tools.

We are going to potluck tonight and I have a jello salad already made. Our group will all be together again now that one of the couples is back home. They have been in California a year and a half and are back now but we haven't seen them.

It seems that Maxine should get some lasting help. Maybe if they would let her write without fussing at her she would write her problems out. Maybe she skirts herself off from everyone when she starts writing and daydreams too much. It does sound strange that they don't want her to write.

Yes, I was really glad when that jury duty was over. The first week was all right even if it was cold but after that it was really boring and you couldn't plan one thing because you didn't know whether you'd be needed or not. Of course, the judge never knew either and kept telling us we were not wasting our time but there needs to be a better system of some sort. I don't know what it could be, though, and I've thought about it a lot.

Uncle Floyd is having a time. Maybe he and Aunt Nora will feel better and not be so blue if the weather gets warmer. A nice sunny day can boost my morale lots of times.

That little African Violet you gave me bloomed a long time and quit. It is a pretty plant but I wish it would bloom.

Ann was glad to hear from you. She really enjoyed her long vacation at home but is glad to be back at school. She sounds awfully busy but seems to have time for everything.

Don't rush things, Daddy, by working in the shop before it is warm enough. That's a good way to take cold.

Hope you both are fine."



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