Saturday, July 25, 2015

January 25, 1970 The Humdinger, The Program, The Below Zero Weather and The Scarf

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"At last we're getting some thawing but we had a big snow yesterday morning when we got up. The wind is high so there is a lot of drifting out of town and some highways are bad in spots. This winter has been a humdinger.

We went to a wedding last night and dreaded to get out but it was a beautiful wedding and we visited with lots of people we don't see very often.

I went to jury duty on Monday and then didn't even have to report anymore. Every afternoon they'd call me about it and finally told me I was dismissed. It was my turn to give the program for As You Like It Club on Thursday but I had arranged for someone to read it if I didn't get there. I was glad I could read it myself.

Ann writes that it has been so cold the kids have been wearing slacks to class. It's a good thing with those short dresses.

I've been sewing on some slacks for Pat. I had bought the material before Christmas but was afraid I couldn't fit her until I did some measuring so will send them one of these days. I'm not hurrying on them. There have been some fabric sales but it has been much too cold and stormy to go shopping so I haven't even looked. The below zero weather is not for me.

I liked the clipping you sent. In spite of its age it is still very up to date, isn't it?

Maxine really has a hard time. She has always had a hectic life and she'll probably spend the rest of her life in and out of the hospital.

I finished B's scarf and have been working on that cross stitched quilt B's mom started. I don't do much at a time so it moves very slowly but I'm in no hurry anyway.

I need to do some entertaining but want to clean the rugs first. They are really a sight after this terrible weather.

B is working at the office today and will tomorrow, too. It is time to start the new semester and that's a busy time around here.

Stay in where it's warm and dry. You've both been pretty lucky this winter so stay that way."

                      Lots of love,



  1. Wonderful images Ann! I love how much more manually and creatively busy we were then, great letter!

  2. Thank you, Pam! I'm delighted to hear from you, as usual. Yes, today's "busy" sometimes seems so completely different but I still believe that hard work is healthy and good for us:-) My parents' generation was so industrious out of necessity.


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