Friday, July 24, 2015

January 17, 1970 The St. Louis Airport, The Freezing Mist, The Red Headed Farm Boy, The Last Two Days and The Shop Work

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The weather hasn't been too bad this week and Wednesday was real nice when Ann started back to school. We were thankful for that. The sun was bright and it was a beautiful day. She met Claudia at the St. Louis airport and took her on to Fulton. She didn't have any trouble and called to tell us she was there and had the car unpacked.

It was a relief to have higher temperatures this week and 32ยบ felt mild after those bitter cold days. We're getting it again today though, with freezing mist to coat everything with ice and now snow. We had intended to drive to Peoria this afternoon just to be doing something but the roads are too slick.

We have to get out sometime today and buy Bruce Washburn a wedding present. He's the red headed farm boy, where Bob used to go so much. He's being married in Iowa next Friday but we don't plan to go. I'd like to but it is too far this time of the year. I don't know his bride. She's from Iowa and he met her in school.

There is one more week of jury duty for me but we have been off the last two days so I've been trying to clean up the house a bit. I finished the upstairs this morning but the basement is sure a mess. I haven't had a chance to put the Christmas decorations away and they are just piled on a couch downstairs.

We miss Ann. She fixed lunch every day and it was nice to have her here when I came home.

This jury duty has convinced me that I don't want a regular job away from home. I have one of the biggest ironings waiting for me that I've ever had. I did about half yesterday but it still looks awful big.

My jewelry class is over but I'm going to take it again next semester and that will start in two weeks. It takes so long to learn to use the tools but it sure is fun.

This isn't much of a letter but I'd better get myself dressed to go out before the snow gets too deep. You two just stay inside until this ice and cold is gone. Then you won't be falling or catching any bugs. The shop work will wait. It's too bad some of the shop work couldn't be done in the basement."

                          Lots of love,


NOTE: Speaking of snow, anyone who watched the '68 Olympics will remember Jean Claude Killy, pictured above.To learn more or to jog your memory, read: Or watch:


  1. I confess that the '68 Olympics started my crush on Peggy Fleming. Jean Claude for you ladies, Peggy for me and probably every other guy in the US.
    Did you put the ad for the dryer that's "perfect for your Permanent Press" above your mother's lament about ironing on purpose? ;-)

  2. Yes! They were the Olympic sweethearts for sure! And yes, the ads usually have some subtle, or not so subtle meaning:-)


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