Thursday, July 23, 2015

January 11, 1970 The Property Condemnation, The Bitter Cold, The Computer in Michigan, The Red Quilt and The Longer Days

Dear Mother & Daddy,

We haven't been up very long and Ann isn't up yet. She sleeps late most every day since I have been going to jury duty every morning.

I have not been on a jury yet but was selected for a panel one day. When the questioning began though, they dismissed me because B works for the state. It was a property condemnation suit. There are over 40 people on duty and every day we all go and wait to see if our name is drawn for a jury. Most of the cases have been settled without a jury so we are sent home. One day I was gone until 3:00 but the others I have been home by noon.

Ann and I have been sewing so she is learning to use her machine real well. I leave her a note on what to do while I'm gone so we get a lot done that way. I do the tricky parts and she does the rest. She will leave early Wed. and I'm really going to miss her and she always has had lunch ready and keeps things dusted.

We have another snow and you know how bitter cold it has been. I pile on the clothes every morning and B always checks to see if the car starts. We haven't had any trouble with it.

Yesterday we had a good letter from Bob. They seem happy and busy, as usual. They were still thinking of the happy week at home. B gave me a little rock tumbler (for polishing rocks) for Christmas and Bob wanted to know about it. We wanted to start it while he was here but ran out of time. It takes 3 weeks to polish rocks in it so we couldn't have finished a batch. I have it going now though & can hardly wait to see what happens.

Bob & Pat have signed up to go on one of the ISU tours to Europe. It rather surprised us that they would go now but I think they feel that they won't be able to go anywhere or have any free time after he starts med school. They have supported themselves and saved a lot of money this year so it's all right with us. They budget real close, I think. They will move everything here after graduation and after the trip spend part of the time here and part in Atlanta. At last, they should have time to see all of you.

I'm so happy that Uncle Floyd is home. Maybe everything will be all right now. We finally had a letter from Wheelers and Jimmy is responding to a new, experimental drug. When he had to leave school in California and go home the California doctor told them there was no treatment, no hope. The New York Dr. is involved in a University program (gov't. sponsored) of experiments with this new drug.  Several universities are involved and all of the directions for using the drug come out of a computer in Michigan. Jimmy has tumors on the lungs and spleen and they are getting smaller after the drug. Wheelers have hope again.

You can give me the red quilt if you don't know what to do with it. I love red. That pattern I sent you a long time ago was made in red and white and it was beautiful. Bob & Pat liked the wool top you made for them. I haven't finished it yet but will one of these days. They hope to get their things all together when they get to Chicago but they probably won't have a place big enough. I haven't told them that, though.

Ann hasn't made any definite plans for summer, yet. She is waiting on the teacher at Fulton and ISU has some study trips too so we don't know what she'll do.

Stay inside where it is warm and don't get out where it's slick. The days are already getting longer and soon it will be spring. Joy! Joy!"

                              Lots of love,



  1. "...she always has had lunch ready and keeps things dusted." What a good daughter!
    Glad to see you charging into the '70s. I thought you were going to take a few weeks off! Should have known better.

  2. haha! Missed for my domestic skills:-) What else was there to do?! I took a couple of days off, but if I don't keep going, I'll never finish! 1470 letters down, 450 to go. Thanks for reading, as usual!


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