Monday, July 27, 2015

February 7, 1970 The Snappy Day, The Stubborn Receptionists, The All Day Workshop, The Dream Cake and The Rock Shop

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"You must be having the same kind of weather we do. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny but snappy. It is raining today. We need a hard rain to wash away the grime but it is just a drizzle. I hope it is nice in St. Louis though, for this is the weekend Ann is there for the wedding. She planned to go after classes yesterday and stay until Sunday sometime. There were so many things planned that she knew it would be late tonight before it was over so she made arrangements to not be at church in Jeff. City tomorrow. She is playing the organ for the wedding. The girl has been her big sister at William Woods and they like one another very much. She graduated in January. Her husband graduated from Rolla and is an engineer in Kansas City so they will live there.

I'm glad things are better for Uncle Floyd and Aunt Nora. He may have to insist on an appointment sometimes for these receptionists in doctors' offices can be real stubborn if they don't know anything about the case. I'd say a few days could be real important in his case.

Both you and B's mom mentioned Mabel's fall but we don't know a thing about that and are sure wondering about it. Did she break a bone or what did happen?

Ann has given up the idea of going to Europe. We don't know why she changed her mind but now she says she wants to go to summer school here instead. She has talked about going to summer school for a long time but we didn't think she really meant it. I guess she did, though. I'd just as soon she'd work this summer and not hurry through school but the church has an assistant minister now and won't need her. I doubt if she could find a job anywhere that would give her as much satisfaction as that one did.

I'm going to send her the joke you sent and I gave the poem to a friend who writes poetry. She was here yesterday for Quill Club. We had an all-day workshop. The women brought sack lunches and I made coffee.

I made a cake too but wasn't really supposed to have anything except my own lunch. This is that Dream Cake people have been talking about or have you seen the recipe? It is delicious and I baked mine in an angel pan.

B is at the office again today but doesn't plan to stay the whole day. We are going to drive to Peoria to a rock shop just for fun.

We probably won't stay long because he wants to work on the dish washer. There is something wrong with the timer."



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