Wednesday, July 29, 2015

February 21, 1970 The Gorgeous Day, The Level Headed Boy, The Embroidered Quilt, The Little Violet and The Steel Wool

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's a gorgeous day so we're going for a ride after awhile. Our car has been such a mess B ran it thru a wash this morning and is having the oil changed. He likes to do it himself but couldn't fit it in today & wanted it done before we go to Chicago. We will go Wed. afternoon and leave the hotel Saturday noon & be home by supper time. We will be at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. If you need us you can call and just ask for B to be paged or leave a message for him to call you.

Bob called to visit last Saturday evening. He and Pat both had colds but were all right. I think they are both anxious for school to be out and it won't really be long. Time goes so fast.

Ann called Sunday morning. She got a diamond for Valentines. Isn't that something? She has gone with this boy for over a year. He is Bob's age and is doing graduate work in U. of Missouri. His home is in Marshall. He has been here several times and we like him. He has beautiful skin and sort of reddish blond hair. They don't have any immediate plans because they want Ann to finish school and him to finish his masters--psychology. He seems very mature and level headed.

I've been working a little more on my embroidered quilt. It is almost finished but seems slow because the cross stitch is so solid. I've never seen any of the quilt blocks here. The tops are always in strips.

The little violet you gave me is full of buds now. It hasn't bloomed since you gave it to me except for the buds that were on it then. I fed it though, & now it is getting ready to start again.

I spent 2 days this week doing the floor in the kitchen & bath. I scrubbed with steel wool to take off all scratches & then put on two coats of wax. It sure looks pretty but I felt like an old woman when I finished because I did it on my hands & knees.

This isn't much letter but I'd better get cleaned up or the day will be gone and we won't be out of the house."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE: In order to jog the memory of the level headed boy, the diamond came the evening we saw this movie. Fortunately, I didn't have to dive for the ring. When I told Mom about the movie she said,"Hmm! Maybe I should see that one!"


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