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December 6, 1969 The Pretty Things, The Greater Disappointment, The Good Job, The Chocolate Fruit Cake and The Xmas Box

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B is at an all day meeting at school and I've been answering the phone most of the morning. He had a meeting in Chicago on Thursday and I went along but didn't get much shopping done. There were so many people everywhere but there were lots of pretty things to see. My feet were sure tired. We got home just in time for me to go to my class. I'm still working on the brooch and haven't finished anything yet but I did have better luck soldering this time. I'll learn it yet and it sure is fun.

We heard from both Bob & Ann this week. Bob didn't get accepted at Yale and he and Pat were both so disappointed. The man that interviewed him was much too encouraging we thought and that makes the disappointment greater. Anyway, Bob is the only one at Wm & Mary that has even been called for an interview with Yale. They will probably settle on U. of Ill. at Chicago but haven't really decided yet and they don't have to decide for awhile.

B finally got our yard cleaned up but it was a job and especially since we don't have any place to burn anything. We have to put it in plastic bags for the garbage man to take.

Does Uncle Floyd have to stay in bed? I wouldn't think so unless the treatments make him weak or sick. Sometimes they do. Aunt Nora weighs less than I do. She must have a hard time keeping something to wear. Everything would be too big. How long will they have to be in Springfield?

Bob & Pat will come two weeks from today and stay about a week. All of us plan to go to Chicago on Monday, the 22nd when he has his interview. We want to see the campus and he wanted us to all go for the trip and make a fun day of it.

Tony was here a few minutes yesterday morning as she went to work. She works for a realtor and has a good job. Her kids are all in I.S.U. now but two of them live at home. One lives in the dormitory named for Watty.

I have my Christmas cards bought but none written. The days go so fast and next week is full of receptions and parties.

I ought to do some entertaining but seem never to find time. I'm always helping someone else have a reception.

I've started doing some baking so I'll have cookies and such while the kids are here. I tried a new recipe for a chocolate fruit cake yesterday and didn't get it done. I had to bake it again so it isn't very pretty but we can eat it anyway. I have a big batch of cookie dough mixed up and will work on that this afternoon.

Maybe I told you that Ann won't be home until Sunday, the 21st after her church program. She'll stay a day or two with a girl friend because she has to leave the dorm when the other girls go home. Practically everyone leaves campus and the few who stay move into one dorm.

I'm going to try to mail your Xmas box next week. I wish we could bring it but there isn't any chance.

I must get to work. Hope both of you are fine."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE: See an earlier post (1944) for a recipe for Chocolate Almond Fruitcake. Apparently the new version wasn't much good since Mom didn't save the recipe.

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